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2010 BMW Isetta

2010 BMW Isetta Spy shots

These is the clearest illustration yet of new 2010 BMW Isetta. The 2010 BMW Isetta will be hugely important, because it will help BMW comply with the European Commission's plans to impose an average 120g/km limit on the model ranges of all firms selling cars across the Continent by 2010. And, as there are plans for an electric version, it would also enable the manufacturer to meet California's upcoming zero-emissions vehicle legislation.

Although official production dates have yet to be decided, the Isetta is set to arrive some time in 2010.



Spy shots: 2011 BMW F10 M5

Spy shots: 2011 BMW F10 M5

Spy photos of the new 2011 BMW M5 out on test in Germany with its predecessor. The next-generation hot 5-series will not use the current 5.0-litre V10, which can only survive in production until 2011 because of ever-tightening emissions regs. In its place, the new M5 will use a twin-turbo V8 tuned to produce more power than today's hot-shot 2009 BMW M5.



2009 BMW X6 by AC Schnitzer

AC Schnitzer released 2009 BMW X6

AC Schnitzer has released a new styling and performance package for the new 2009 BMW X6. As if the X6 wasn't already turning enough heads, you can add an aggressive body kit to attract more attention (good or bad - that's up to you). The AC Schnitzer X6 gets a new front skirt with diagonal intakes and repositioned fog lamps. A huge rear bumper is also added with repositioned exhaust pipes. See more at AC Schnitzer released BMW X6 tuning package



BMW ‘M’ division to use Hybrid Technology

BMW 'M' division to use Hybrid Technology

According to BMW M GmbH head of development Albert Biermann, BMW is looking to transfer over the technology it will start using in its Formula 1 cars in the 2009 season called KERS. KERS, which stands for Kinetic Energy Recovery System, has a hybrid module consisting of an electric motor, generator and a battery.



Facelifted 2009 BMW 3 Series Sedan

Spy shots: Facelifted 2009 BMW 3 Series Sedan

Take a look at the 2009 BMW 3-Series sedan photos that were taken in Munich



Wand Aggressive Body Kit for the 2009 M5

Wand Aggressive  Body Kit for the 2009 M5

Today here's Wand aggressive kit for the 2009 BMW M5.

This carbon fiber kit includes many aerodynamic tweaks, like carbon fiber front air inlet, side skirts, wings and a redesigned carbon fiber front and rear bumper.

As for technical aspects, Wald announced this kit is made of a hybrid material that's a mixture of fiberglass reinforced plastic and carbon, giving the 2009 BMW M5 a light and robust kit.[Source Wand Body Kit for the 2009 BMW M5]



New M3 Convertible: A disappointment?

New M3 Convertible: A disappointment?

The M3 You'll Love To Hate and Hate To Love

On a gut level, you want to accept the 2008 BMW M3 Convertible's limitations, because it delivers so many of the right sensations — the insistent tone of the workaholic V8, the exhaust pop on downshifts, the beads of sweat that form on your sunburned forehead.

Yet, for all the benefits of its retractable hardtop, this M3 is too heavy for its own good, so its handling performance numbers simply aren't those of a serious performance car. And when the asking price balloons past $80,000, they really need to be.

But we suspect BMW knows exactly how to play this hand. Hard-core types like us will stick to the M3 coupe and sedan, while this M3 convertible draws a slightly less demanding crowd. And that slick dual-clutch transmission will bring us together and eventually eradicate those evil three-pedal cars altogether. [BMW source]



2009 BMW X6 xDrive50i vs 2009 Infiniti FX50

2009 BMW X6 xDrive50i vs 2009 Infiniti FX50

That's a lot of money for a large truck with radical styling and only four seats. BMW knows this and acknowledges that the X6 is a low-volume, niche-market vehicle. The company expects to find homes for fewer than 10,000 X6s per year, compared with 30,000 X5s. Infiniti, on the other hand, hopes to sell 20,000 FXs annually.

The X6, although based on the X5 SAV (BMW-speak for "sports activity vehicle"), isn't an SUV at all. Nope, BMW says it's an SAC - a "sports activity coupe" - a new type of vehicle that's designed to appeal to buyers who would want a 6-series, had they not gotten used to their SUV's high seating position. So the SAC is the post-SUV SAV, if you catch their drift. We did - kind of - but still don't get the AMC Eagle styling and the fender gaps big enough for another set of wheels. The X6 would look a lot better with a three-inch lowering kit - but then BMW would have to concoct some other three-letter acronym to describe it.

SUV, SAC, or whatever, the X6 measures within an inch or two of the FX in every key dimension, inside and out. The X6 shares its wheelbase with the seven-passenger X5 but is about an inch longer, two inches wider, and three inches lower. Its radically sloping roof gives the impression that the rear seats are uninhabitable - but that's not the case at all. In fact, rear headroom suffers by only 1.2 inches compared with the X5, and the X6's rear seats are quite comfortable. You won't mistake legroom for that of a long-wheelbase 7-series, but four adults wouldn't be uncomfortable taking a long trip in the X6. Their luggage would fit, too - the X6 actually has more cargo space than the X5 (and even the FX) with the seats up. Of course, the sloping rear hatch means that tall items - like a washing machine - won't fit as easily. That's what rental trucks are for.

Up front, the X6 shares its basic dash layout, as well as its comfortable driving position and clear, easy-to-read instruments, with the X5. The controls are modern BMW, which means that the steering wheel is delightfully thick and offers excellent steering feel. The dreaded iDrive controller now has lost its ability to give force-feedback, making it even less intuitive than before. However, our test vehicle's optional leather-covered dashboard was beautifully upholstered, and the contrasting light-colored seats gave extra flair to what is otherwise a very all-business cabin. We highly recommend the optional rearview camera, since the X6's mail-slot rear window could obscure the large building you're about to back into.

Under the hood is an all-new, 4.4-liter twin-turbo V-8 that produces 400 hp and 450 lb-ft of torque. BMW says that locating the turbochargers in the valley of the engine block (see Techtonics) helps reduce lag, but unfortunately, the V-8's throttle response is anything but linear. Off the line, moderate pedal inputs are met with lazy nothingness, followed by way more power than you thought you asked for. The new engine may be a packaging marvel and may have a broad torque plateau, but to the driving enthusiast, it's no match for Infiniti's normally aspirated music box. [source]



Official 2009 BMW 3-Series Details

Official 2009 BMW 3-Series Details

Highlights include styling updates inside & out, new technology and the introduction of BMW Advanced Diesel with BluePerformance

The 2009 BMW 3 Series Sedan and Sport Wagon is poised to maintain its market leadership with updated exterior and interior styling, new technologies, enhanced ergonomics and, as previously announced, the U.S. introduction of BMW Advanced Diesel with BluePerformance in the form of the 335d Sedan.


• The new BMW 3 Series Sedans and Sports Wagons, already and always leaders in their class, widen their lead in driving dynamics, premium quality and innovative technology.
• These vehicles combine unique BMW elegance with a driving experience that's widely imitated, yet really inimitable.

• A brand-new twin-turbo diesel engine, thoroughly BMW in its performance and character, powers the new 335d Sedan and expands the scope of BMW EfficientDynamics.
• Subtle freshening of exterior design features a new front end, more dynamic profile, and wider appearance at the rear. Headlights and taillights are new, yet present a typically BMW look, innovative lighting technology and 3-dimensional effects.

• Refinement of interior design and amenities includes new colors and materials. Overall design of interior reflects and complements the distinctive exterior design. Among functional updates are ergonomically enhanced placement of power-window controls for the driver and new, expanded storage possibilities.

• New generation of BMW iDrive, available in 3 Series in combination with optional Navigation system: ergonomically optimized iDrive controller with function selection and activation via turn, push and tilt motions; new direct-select keys; more Programmable Memory Keys than before. The newly enhanced Navigation system offers greater functionality.

• BMW Advanced Diesel with BluePerformance: all-new inline 6-cylinder twin-turbo diesel engine with an impressive array of new features for high performance, high fuel efficiency and clean exhaust. To achieve these targets, this aluminum powerplant applies common-rail, high-pressure direct fuel injection with piezo injectors; 2-stage turbocharging; exhaust particulates filter; and Selective Catalytic Reduction exhaust after-treatment to reduce NOx. Displacing 3.0 liters, this truly advanced engine enables BMW to introduce diesel power in all 50 U.S. states; it produces 265 hp and an amazing peak torque of 425 lb-ft.; 0-60 mph in 6.0 sec. with 6-speed automatic transmission. EPA mileage ratings have not been finalized, but are expected to set new "mile"-stones in the simultaneous achievement of performance with fuel economy.

• Continuation of two other trailblazing BMW inline 6-cylinder performance concepts in the other 3 Series models: the 3.0-liter naturally aspirated unit in 328i models with weight-saving magnesium/aluminum composite construction and Valvetronic induction technology for 230 hp; and the 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged engine of 335i models with its direct fuel injection (piezo injectors here, too) and large-volume dual exhaust system. This unit delivers 300 hp, and a peak torque that is remarkable not only for its quantity (300 lb-ft.) but for the range over which it's at the driver's disposal (1400 to 5000 rpm). Both of these gasoline engines have been acclaimed widely for their respective qualities: for the 328i unit, silky and strong performance with remarkable fuel economy; for the 335i, dramatically sporty performance with fuel economy that's notable in view of the power.

• BMW's acclaimed xDrive all-wheel drive is featured in the newly named 328i and 335i xDrive Sedans and 328i xDrive Sports Wagon. This intelligently engineered AWD system steplessly varies the torque split between front and rear wheels to enhance not only traction, but also agility and stability on grippy, as well as slippery road surfaces.

• Comprehensive safety concept with extremely rigid body structure; carefully defined "force paths" that lead and distribute collision forces optimally through the structure; targeted application of high-strength steels and deformation elements; six airbags including front side-impact and front/rear head protection; new Active front head restraints.

• The 2009 models are: 328i Sedan and Sports Wagon; 328i xDrive Sedan and Sports Wagon; 335i, 335i xDrive and 335d Sedans. The 3 Series also encompasses Coupes and retractable-hardtop Convertibles; these continue with less extensive updates for 2009.



iPhone 3G and BMW iDrive address book not syncing

iPhone 3G and BMW iDrive address book not syncing

I have some bad news for those of you that upgraded your iPhone to version 2.0 or recently purchased a new iPhone 3G. The new iPhone seems to have some issues with the BMW's navigation system or the factory kit. [source iDrive and iPhone 3G sync]



Spy Shots: 2009 BMW X1

Spy Shots: 2009 BMW X1 Rear View

The BMW X1 (Codenamed E84) will be arriving in 2009 and these are the best shots yet. Although it has a awesome look, BMW is hoping the X1 will be maintaining it's reputation for its sporty handling.

Expect the Toyota RAV4 rival to have all kinds of Efficient Dynamics features, such as stop-start and intelligent alternator control. The X1 will have a range of engines, from four-cylinders to six-cylinders. They will feature direct injection and turbo charging. There will also be a new ZF eight-speed auto.

Spy Shots: 2009 BMW X1 Side ViewSpy Shots: 2009 BMW X1 Front View



2009 BMW 3-Series Official Pictures

2009 BMW 3-Series Official Pictures

Here are the official pictures of the refreshed BMW 3-Series. A new front clip along with the new tail lights round out a host a changes that keeps the 3-Series the class leader.

Just a week after the presentation of the 2009 7-Series, BMW has now taken the wraps off the facelifted 3-Series sedan and touring models that are due to make their first public appearance at the Paris motor show in October with sales following shortly after.

2009 BMW 3-Series Official Pictures Facelifted Sedan

In particular, the new 2009 BMW 3-Series has the new heavily profiled bumper, the revised headlights and the new grille. At the rear, BMW's design team added a new set of taillights reminiscent of those found in the new BMW 7-Series along with a newly shaped trunk lid and bumper.

2009 BMW 3-Series Official Pics (Click to enlarge)
2009 BMW 3-Series Official Pictures Taillights Closeup2009 BMW 3-Series Official Pictures Side Mirror Closeup
2009 BMW 3-Series Official Pictures Sedan Front View2009 BMW 3-Series Official Pictures Sedan Rear View
2009 BMW 3-Series Official Pictures Touring Side View2009 BMW 3-Series Official Pictures Touring Facelift
2009 BMW 3-Series Official Pictures Front View2009 BMW 3-Series Official Pictures Touring
2009 BMW 3-Series Official Pictures Start Button Closeup2009 BMW 3-Series Official Pictures Headlights Closeup

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BMW X6 Hybrid shows up in Munich

BMW X6 Hybrid images

We have been used to seeing the BMW X6 Hybrid around the BMW factory in Spartanburg, but this time, thanks to our friend Simon, we have some new spy shots of the X6 Hybrid parked somewhere in the beautiful Munich. Sporting a very light camouflage, the BMW X6 Hybrid seems to be a production ready model that it's undergoing some more testing in a urban environment. 

The body style is almost identical to the petrol versions, except the slightly larger M3-style bonnet, a funky feature that has been lightly criticized by some bimmer fans. BMW has also kept the aggressive front-end, probably one of the best features on the regular X6 vehicles. Also, the white paint seems to fit very well the X6 Hybrid and even the bonnet is less obvious.

Of course, the major changes appear under the hood, where a two mode hybrid system will power the X6 Active Hybrid. And did you know that the hybrid system was developed by a consortium formed of BMW, GM, Daimler and Chrysler? Yes yes, the same GM that is being bailout by our government.  

More after the jump

BMW X6 Hybrid images

And what's so special about the X6 Hybrid? Well, for one, BMW is using a nickel metal hydride battery for the initial applications and unlike the other car manufacturers, the BMW hybrid engine will not be using cylinder deactivation. And second, if our sources are correct, then the BMW X6 Hybrid will feature the Start/Stop technology that we have talked about a few days ago. 

That's all for now and from what it seems, 2009 will be a great year for us, tons of new models are being released or at least showcased, but we'll be back with more on that.

BMW X6 Hybrid images



BMW North America raises prices on all their vehicles

In an expected move, BMW North America announced a price increase on all of their models. The 0.7% price increase will become effective January 1, 2009, but it will not affect the base prices of their recently launched diesel models: BMW 335d and X5 xDrive35d.

The reason for the price increase? Economical changes in the market place and a revenue decline in 2008. In addition, BMW has also announced the pricing for the 2009 BMW 7 Series, and nothing has changed from the previous article we wrote: 

·         BMW 750i -  $81,125 MSRP

·         BMW 750Li -$85,025 MSRP

The new 7 Series will reach the U.S dealerships in the first week of March 2009, but the 7er can be ordered any time now.

Here is the full BMW pricing for 2009:

2009 BMW pricing

Press release after the jump


Woodcliff Lake, NJ – December 22, 2008…BMW of North America, LLC announced today an average price increase of 0.7 percent for BMW vehicles sold in the U.S. effective January 1, 2009. This action is driven by the ongoing structural and economical changes in the market place. It will ensure revenue generation for the company's U.S. operations and help to protect the quality of business.

Pricing for the new Advanced Diesel vehicles remain unchanged. The all new 335d and X5 xDrive35d were launched recently and have begun arriving at BMW Centers this month.

In addition, BMW announced pricing for the new 2009 7 Series that debuted recently at the Los Angeles International Auto Show. The base price for the 750i is $81,125 and the 750Li is 85,025 (including $825 for destination and handling). Both models began production in November and will arrive at BMW Centers in the spring.

See attached for new BMW pricing for model year 2009 vehicles.



BMW X1 at Nurburgring


The BMW X1 has made an appearance again, but this time away from the snow and onto the 'Ring. This X1 test mule seems to be a production model but due to the heavy camouflage, it is hard to tell how it differentiates itself from the X1 Concept seen at the Paris Auto Show.

The fellows at Edmunds Insideline posted some information on the X1, many of them that we knew already, but it is probably worth mentioning them one more time:

·         X1 will be available in late 2009 and only in Europe

·         the cabin is not cramped at all, yet the roof lies much lower compared to X3

·         the dash was still in camo and the basic layout comes from the 1 Series, the steering wheel as well and the big-screen navigation from the 3 Series

·         there are four models available xDrive20i, xDrive20d, xDrive30i and a hybrid version

·         xDrive basis torque-distribution ratio in this car is regular 40:60

·         the sitting position is a bit higher than in 3er Touring xDrive but much lower than in X3

·         the car's driving and overall characteristics are much more similar to 1er & 3er than to X3

·         X1 will slot in naturally as BMW's smallest and least expensive compact SUV

The most exciting part of these spy photos is the almost revealed interior design which clearly shows a similarity to the BMW 1 Series.

BMW X1 interior

[Source: Edmunds Insideline ]



BMW announces pricing for 2009 7 Series, raises prices on everything else

The latest iteration of BMW's all-singing, all-dancing plutocrat limo will roll out the door starting at $81,125. That sum will get buyers the 2009 750i (including $825 for destination charges), but those who are looking for a bit more legroom in back will have to pay $85,025 for the 750Li. Production for these models began last month, but don't expect to see them on the forecourts of your local BMW Center until later this spring.

The rest of the BMW lineup is also getting a nudge on pricing, with the average MSRP climbing by 0.7 percent. All pricing increases are effective January 1, 2009; so if you're planning on gifting yourself a
M5 or X6 for the holidays, make sure you do so before New Year's.

Click on the jump for BMW's official press release and full-line model pricing for 2009.

Gallery: 2009 BMW 7 Series

[Source: BMW]



DStyle Tuning Package for BMW Z4 Coupe & Roadster

The styling is inspired by the world of motorsport and will be limited to just 100 units, it includes a new hood, a revised set of doors, fenders and tailgate along with a set of lightweight forged 19in alloy wheels and sports tires.

The new BMW Z4 Roadster was revealed to us earlier this month, and is yet to be unveiled to the public but that hasn't stopped Germany's Dstyle from releasing new enhancements for the current generation model.

The new aerodynamic styling package comes in two versions: Z4 CS for the Coupe and Z4 RS for the Roadster.
The whole kit is available for $8,900.



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