Tuesday, May 12, 2009

BMW of the Week

We’re continuing our BMW of the Week initiative with another car that will be featured on our blog. If last week we were all about “old school” and class, this time, we decided to focus first on photography, scenery and last but not least, the car itself.

So…the BMW of the Week goes to cerebroside who decided to share with us his BMW Z4 E83…yes, the first generation Z4 Roadster. While the car is a beauty itself, what we enjoyed most about his photos were the impressive photo shooting skills and especially, the scenery.


Great job once again and thank you for sharing the photos with the BMWBLOG Group.

As a refresher to those of you that are new to the blog or missed our previous article, two weeks ago we launched our most recent initiative on bringing the BMW and BMWBLOG community even closer. To accomplish this, we setup a BMWBLOG Group page on the popular photo sharing site, Flickr.com, and we asked you, our readers, to submit your BMW photos. There are over 260 photos in the pool already, but we’re hoping to reach a thousand by the end of June….so spread the word, upload your photos and let’s show everyone what a great community we have.


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