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Here comes again the BMW X5 M

Not a week without new photos of the new BMW X5 M and even the X6 M. A few days ago, the X5 M was spotted in Munich, but today, Leftlanenews with the help of my close friend Palbay, have one of the best BMW X5 M shots we have seen so far.

I can certainly say now that by looking at this photos, the X5 M looks pretty impressive, as far as being aggressive, and differentiating itself from the regular X5 model.


In the photos at LeftLaneNews, you can also the quad exhaust tips that will be a trademark for the M model, along with the side vent. In this photo, you  can the large air-intakes in the front bumper, quite sexy I might add, despite the light camouflage.

As mentioned before also, the headlights are the being imported from the Sports Activity Coupe X6, giving the M twin models a similar front-end look.I am definitely looking forward to the official photos, but what I look mostly forward to, is the consumer reaction to this M model. Would it be widely accepted? Pricing will have everything to do with it.

[Source: LeftLaneNews ]



BMW RZ-M6 based on M1 Hommage

A small independent body styling company, Racer X Design, decided to release some renderings of their BMW RZ-M6 concept based on the popular 6 Series and we believe, on the M1 Hommage also. If you recall, 2003 is remembered by the BMW fans as the year the 6 Series made its comeback as a production car.

The original 6er was launched in 1976 with two models: the 630CS and 633CSi.


1984 saw the introduction of the M635CSi, essentially an E24 powered by the powerplant of the BMW M1. Last year,  in honor of the M1's 30th birthday, BMW decided to reveal the M1 Hommage, a concept that pays tribute to the original M1. The fellows at Racer X Design combined the current 6 Series design with the retro style of the E24 6 Series and incorporating design elements from the recently unveiled M1 Hommage.

BMW M1 Hommage

BMW M1 Hommage


The BMW RZ-M6 was designed to show how a 6 Series should look like - in their opinion, I might add. As expected and seen in the M1 Hommage Concept as well, the modified body panels have been widen, in this case by 50mm. The kidneys on the BMW RZ-M6 has M1 Hommage written all over them giving the car a weird, but interesting and unique front-end. I already foresee that some BMW fans will be in love with this design, while others, more conservative, will most likely criticize it. 


But at least we don't have to worry, these are just some independent renderings, despite the fact that Racer X Design is actively looking for suckers partners with cash that would help them bring the RZ-M6 into production.






Inspired by the earlier generation E24 6 series, the RZ-M6 captures the stylish and aggressive looks of the older generations of BMW's and puts them in the current 6 series . This is what the current 6 series could look like, by replacing body panels, yet keeping the basic structure intact. The body is 50mm wider to offer wider rubber for better grip.

The current M6 already offers a high level of performance, with upgrades for even more power available worldwide. The RZ-M6 is designed to show how a 6 series should look like to reflect that pedigree. While aggressive, it's not over the top, keeping the lines of the current M6 structure flowing and factory like. It's not a boy racer's car, it's more mature, more elegant, yet not to be messed with. All this was evident in the older generation BMW's. This is a tribute to the E24 6 series.

Started as a small indipendent body styling company, Racer X Design has a history of designing and building conversions based on top of existing cars for competitions, togather with designing cars and such conversions for international clients. We are looking for partners who have the same passion for the BMW brand and would like to see the RZ-M6 hit production. For more information go to

History of the E24 6 series

The early BMW sport coupes had monumental performance and style with the added luxury of design and technology. Showcased at the Geneva Motor Show in March of 1976, the 6 Series E24 sport coupes were the successor to the E9 3.0 CSi coupe. The coupe tradition in the early and mid seventies had been so widely successful, that BMW decided the era of 1965-75 coupes needed a successor. Transferring the tradition and image created by BMW with beautiful models like the 2000 C/CS and the 3.0-3.5 CS/CSi/CSL coupes, the E24 coupe captured this same image and effect. The E24 635 CSi touring car was BMWs entrant in Group A touring car racing from 1983 until the introduction of the BMW M3 in 1986.




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