Friday, January 9, 2009

CES 2009: Hands on with heat-sensing FLIR-equipped BMW

FLIR's CES 2009 demo.

Just like we thought, FLIR wasn't on board with our plan to drive their night-vision BMW through the Nevada desert, but we did get to check out the car's in-dash display.

Our demo was indoors only, though we still got a good idea of how it works. Showgoers passing in front of the BMW's heat-sensing camera appeared in nice detail despite the relatively small difference in their temperature and their surroundings. FLIR rep Jay James said the camera can detect a .05 degree difference in temperatures, which translates into many more shades of gray on the monitor.

The system is tuned to look several yards down the road and so was thrown off by the number of pedestrians within inches of its bumper. But whenever someone walked through its danger zone, the system's display indicated a pedestrian by outliing that person with a yellow rectangle.

The demo BMW had been retrofitted with the system, but new BMWs with the factory-installed version flash a yellow triangle in the head-up display to alert drivers to take action.

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Mercedes-Benz hit with second-largest fuel efficiency fine ever by NHTSA

Mercedes-Benz has been fined $28.9 million for failure to meet federal fuel efficiency standards by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) this week. The amount is the second-largest in the history of agency. Part of the U.S. CAFE standards, enforced by the NHTSA includes a provision for fines when the requisite levels of efficiency aren't met. That power of enforcement also saw Porsche Cars North America, Maserati Automobiles and Ferrari North America pay fines of $1.1-1.2 million apiece, reports the Detroit Free Press.

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BMW's new 116d tops 53mpg, rivals hybrids

The 1-series has been a popular staple among premium small-car buyers in Europe for some time, but it has only hit the U.S. recently. The fun-to-drive and attractive compact has just gained a new sibling in the form of the 116d, powered by an efficient four-cylinder diesel. Unfortunately it's only available in Europe. Despite the absence from American shores, it's still a technological feat to appreciate. With its 53.4 US mpg rating in the European combined cycle, the 116d is as efficient as the current Toyota Prius and next-gen Honda Insight hybrids.

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