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340-strong crossover BMW X6 xDrive35d White Shark from MCCHIP

Company MCCHIP has presented own tuning whale for crossover X6 getting the increasing popularity from BMW. Changes in particular have mentioned xDrive35d or, in other words, 3,0 l the diesel engine with two turbines. By means of the software from MCCHIP, the 6-cylinder turbodiesel has got 340 h.p. of capacity and 660 Nanometers of a twisting moment (at standard indicators of 286 h.p. and 580 Nanometers). Thanks to skill of engineers the maximum speed of version X6 xDrive35d makes 251 km/hour, instead of former 238 km/hour. The set of completions for the engine is added by suspension bracket H&R which has lowered height of body BMW X6 on 40 mm in front and 30 mm behind, and also a set of 21-inch black cast disks. Cost of similar updating in Germany makes 849 euros for reprogramming of electronics of the engine and 1 266 euros for a new suspension bracket, cast disks and dark chromeplated radiator lattice BMW.



G-Power BMW M5 Hurricane RS: Fastest Production Sedan in the World

The new G-Power prepped BMW M5 Hurricane RS has obtained the bragging rights for the fastest street-legal sedan in the world after it broke the long-standing record of the BRABUS Mercedes-Benz CLS Rocket. In November 2008 the 750 HP strong G-Power M5 Hurricane RS achieved a new top speed of 228,4 mph (367,4 km/h) at the ATP High-Speed test track in Papenburg, Germany. Compared to the 'standard' 730HP M5 Hurricane which has been clocked at 223.8 mph (360 km/h) earlier in 2008, the RS features ASA two modified superchargers with enlarged capacity.

And this will not be the last time that we are hearing about the M5 Hurricane as the folks over at G-Power believe that the Bi-Kompressor system has not yet reached its limits. According to Christian Stöber, the firm's CEO, the V10 engine can handle even more boost.

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In 2009 BMW will demonstrate two different electric concepts

Over at the BMW Blog, they have handled to get hold of a copy of what is believed to be BMW's 2009 product introduction roadmap. The Munich automaker will be setting up an extensive range of new production vehicles next year comprising a new Z4 roadster and hybrid versions of both the new 7-series sedan and the X6 "whatever it is." Most amusingly, the roadmap shows that two different electrically-driven concepts will come out next year.

Earlier this year, BMW exposed the MINI E as the first product of its Project i, which is meant to establish urban electric vehicles. The second output of the project is anticipated to be the Concept eDrive. This time, instead of the MINI, either the 1 or 3 series will form the basis. Furthermore an electric drive not much else is known, but given the relative speed with which the MINI E was established, this will probably go a step beyond that first draft, perhaps using battery technology specifically created for automotive use.

The second new EV is called by the Z Vision Concept. In BMW nomenclature, the Z models are all two seat roadsters and this should carry forward to the new concept. This smaller electric sports car is also considered to be based on the 1-series with a dual cockpit layout and no windshield. No word on which reveals will host the debuts of these cars but Geneva is likely to be one of them.



AC Schnitzer BMW X6 Falcon

Falcons are becoming increasingly common in town. Now a particularly imposing variant of the agile predator is conquering the road valleys with its broad wings: the Falcon based on the X6 by AC Schnitzer. It follows the styling features of the X5 version of the same name, already successfully launched.

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The new BMW Z4 debuts at the 2009 North American International Auto Show

Poised to lead its market segment once again, the 2009 BMW Z4 Roadster will make its North American debuts at the 2009 North American International Auto Show on January 11



Late 2009 launch for all-wheel-drive BMW 7-Series

Next year will see the introduction of AWD versions of BMW's new 7-Series saloon, with the first models likely appearing after a debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Engineers are currently testing prototypes for the new model in the snowfields of Finland, with a number of technical elements planned for the car. AWD variants of the 7-Series will once again carry BMW's xDrive tag and will initially be available only in the 407hp (303kW) 750i. Other models are scheduled to follow soon after, however there are no plans for an AWD diesel 7-Series. One new feature will be the addition of an electronic 'Hill-Descent' control – the first for a luxury AWD saloon.

2009 BMW 7-series



BMW retires the Z4 M's straight-six engine

Fantastic engines are to car people like a fine vintage is to a wine enthusiast - not just to be used, but enjoyed, savored as some of the highest expressions of the art of their creation. But like all such things, they are fleeting. BMW's S54B32 engine, the straight-six 3.2L cast-iron motivator that powered such greats as the E46 M3, the Z3, Z3 M, Z4 M, and even the Wiesmann MF3, has now headed into retirement. The final Z4s, built at the tail end of 2008, housed the last of the S54 straight-sixes, reports CAR.



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