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2007 BMW 530Li

BMW 530Li

The perfect combination of driving dynamics and motoring comfort is now available in truly impressive style: Focusing exclusively on the Chinese market, German premium carmaker BMW has developed three brand-new models. The BMW 530Li, BMW 525Li and BMW 523Li offer outstanding performance combined with the supreme interior comfort of a particularly luxurious Business Saloon, extending the line-up of BMW 5-Series models already highly successful in China. The most conspicuous exterior feature versus the models already established in the market is the increase in wheelbase by 140 millimetres or 5.5 inches.

In particular, this extra space benefits the passengers on the rear seats, where grand touring comfort in the BMW 5-Series now reaches a level never seen before. A further enhancement is the rear console with its integrated entertainment system developed especially for the BMW 530Li and BMW 525Li. Introducing the new BMW 530Li, BMW 525Li and BMW 523Li built at the Shenyang Plant in the Province of Liaoning, German carmaker BMW is once again emphasising its clear orientation towards the Chinese car market with its particular demands and requirements.

Driving dynamics typical of BMW with new style and calibre.

The new BMW 530Li, BMW 525Li and BMW 523Li meet all expectations in terms of driving dynamics. Transmission of power to the rear axle, perfect axle load distribution, the modern aluminium suspension, and weight-optimised construction give the long versions of the BMW 5-Series a standard of agility exceptional in their class. The new models are driven by straight-six power units representing the state-of-the-art in BMW engine development. The 3.0-litre in the BMW 530Li develops maximum output of 190 kW/258 hp. Displacing 2.5 litres in each case, the BMW 525Li offers maximum output of 160 kW/218 hp while the BMW 523 Li develops 130 kW/177 hp.

Developed in Munich, built in Shenyang.

The new BMW 530Li, BMW 525Li and BMW 523Li are an ongoing development of the BMW 5-Series that take the special requirements and demands of the Chinese car market into account. In particular, they offer an even more prestigious look on the road combined with exceptional comfort and space on the rear seats. And at the same time, the new models come with all the key qualities of a BMW 5-Series in terms of driving dynamics and agility, without making the slightest compromise. Offering a convincing combination of these features was indeed the most important objective in the development process handled by BMW engineers in Germany: All the know-how of BMW's specialists in body construction, chassis engineering, design, drivetrain technology, safety and assistance systems has gone into the new models at BMW's Research and Development Centre in Munich.

This has served to create cars tailored in their overall concept to the requirements of the Chinese market and at the same time maintaining all the unique standards of German premium carmaker BMW. Reflecting the philosophy that "production follows the market", the new models are built by specialists at the Shenyang Plant who benefit from direct contact with the sales market. A further point is that Shenyang applies all the processes and quality and safety standards applicable to BMW production facilities the world over - standards that are extremely strict and demanding.

Design: sporting and elegant all in one.

Despite the significant increase in interior space, the new long-wheelbase models naturally retain their sporting and elegant look. Hence, the BMW 530Li, BMW 525Li and BMW 523Li stand out clearly and unmistakably as leading representatives of their brand. The increase in format ensured by the longer wheelbase, which is up by 140 millimetres or 5.5 inches, is visible only from the side, retaining the unique, dynamic and elegant lines of the BMW 5-Series that are just as harmonious as before the car's discreetly modified proportions.

The most striking feature at the front is the large dual headlamps wrapped far around into the sides of the car. A further sign of distinction characterising the muscular look of the BMW 5-Series is the BMW kidney grille so typical of the brand. Horizontal lines at the rear, in turn, give the car a powerful and broad stance on the road, emphasising its stable and sporting qualities. And last but certainly not least, the rear lamp clusters likewise stretch far into the sides.

Exclusive interior.

The interior is dominated by smooth and flowing lines with the instruments, displays and controls for particularly important driving functions situated in a perfectly ergonomic arrangement around the steering wheel.

The BMW 530Li, BMW 525Li and BMW 523Li come as standard with a multifunction steering wheel. High-quality Dakota leather on the seats and door linings, in turn, ensures a stylish and sophisticated ambience, while decorative trim in "titanium dark" or wood on the dashboard and centre console again highlights the sophisticated character of the car. A significant increase in legroom ensures exceptional riding comfort on the rear seats of the long-wheelbase BMW 5-Series. This comfort is further enhanced by the electrically operated glass sliding roof featured as standard on the new models. Further standard features are sun visors on the rear side windows as well as a sunblind in the rear window, protecting the passengers from excessively bright sunlight.

Muscle, efficiency, and refinement: the straight-six power units.

The BMW 530Li, BMW 525Li and BMW 523Li all feature modern straight-six power units. Displacing 3.0 and 2.5 litres respectively, these engines stand out through superior power and performance, a high standard of efficiency, and superior motoring refinement. The innovative, composite magnesium-aluminium crankcase gives the new six-cylinders a further reduction in weight, benefiting both overall economy and the car's agility. Further outstanding features of the new power units are fully variable VALVETRONIC valve management and variable double-VANOS camshaft control. As a result of this superior technology, the new 3.0-litre offers an increase in output over its predecessor by no less than 12 per cent while running on 12 per cent less fuel.

The pinnacle in the engine range is the 3.0-litre in the BMW 530Li, developing maximum output of 190 kW/258 hp and peak torque of 300 Nm/221 lb ft. This enables the BMW 530Li to accelerate to 100 km/h in 7.2 seconds and reach a top speed of 250 km/h or 155 mph. The 2.5-litre power unit in the BMW 525Li, in turn, develops maximum output of 160 kW/218 hp and peak torque of 250 Nm or 184 lb ft, accelerating the car to 100 km/h in 8.7 seconds and providing a top speed of 242 km/h or 150 mph. Again displacing 2.5 litres, the power unit in the BMW 523Li offers maximum output of 130 kW/177 hp with acceleration to 100 km/h in 9.6 seconds and top speed of 227 km/h or 141 mph. All versions of the long-wheelbase BMW 5-Series Saloon come as standard with a six-speed automatic gearbox.

Modern suspension for superior agility and supreme handling.

The exceptional driving sensation in the long-wheelbase BMW 5-Series Saloon is largely attributable to the very smooth and consistent distribution of axle load. Harmonious weight distribution of almost 50 : 50 front-to-rear is crucial to the car's driving behaviour. This balance is ensured by light engines, the weight-optimised front axle, and the all-aluminium suspension carried over from the BMW 7-Series Saloon, all providing an ideal match for rear-wheel drive so typical of BMW.

The dynamic driving character of the new models is further enhanced by extremely precise hydraulic rack-and-pinion steering including Servotronic. This elaborate system controls the degree of steering assistance as a function of road speed, enhancing both motoring comfort and driving safety in the process. Extra-large 16-inch swing calliper brakes on all four wheels with inner-vented brake discs ensure superior stopping power and excellent resistance to fading. And a continuous, ongoing wear indicator provides information at all times on the current condition of the brake pads.

Equipment: versatile and exclusive.

Offering high-class materials and a wide range of new functions, the passenger compartment in the new BMW 530Li, BMW 525Li and BMW 523Li ensures a supreme standard of sophisticated comfort reflecting the modern demands made of an exclusive premium car in both the world of business and in private life. Particularly the new rear console with its integrated entertainment system emphasises the stylish feeling of prestigious motoring at the rear in the BMW 530Li and BMW 525Li, enhancing passenger comfort to an even higher level of perfection.

The seats are finished in sophisticated Dakota leather. The front seats come as standard with electrical adjustment and boast an integrated memory function, with electric seat heating coming as yet another important feature in the BMW 530Li and BMW 525Li. And last but certainly not least, rear seat heating is also standard in the BMW 530Li and BMW 525Li for even greater comfort at all times.

Unique comfort at the rear.

The most striking feature within the new BMW 530Li and BMW 525Li is the rear console with its integrated entertainment system and an air vent for individual fresh air control. Apart from the BMW radio Professional, a CD player is also integrated as standard in the rear console.

Motoring comfort at the rear is enhanced in the BMW 530Li and BMW 525Li by a DVD player. A further feature in these models is the eight-inch screens integrated in a console in the back of the front seats, while the passenger sitting on the right-hand rear seat is even able to enjoy a folding table coming out of the seat in front. Moreover, the BMW 530Li is equipped with a TV set. Last but certainly not least, the position of the front passenger's seat may be controlled from the right-hand seat at the rear by an additional switch at the back of the seat. This serves to further increase legroom at the rear and optimise the use and control of the table folding out of the front seat.



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