Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2009 BMW 7 Series German Pricing Released

2009 BMW 7 Series High Definition Photo

The new BMW 7 Series was released just a few days ago and the Munich based auto manufacturer has already release the prices for the 7 Series model that will be sold in Germany.

As expected, the 7 Series is not quite cheap nor it will be affordable to a lot of people. The entry level BMW 730d will have a base price of 69,500 euro. The fuel consumption is absolutely amazing on the 730 diesel, 32.6 MPG. Moving up, the BMW 740i will start at 75,500 euro and the longer version LWB at 82,500 euro.

The top of the line 7ers, the 750i and 750Li will be selling for 90,000 euro respectively 94,000 euro.

So, here is the breakdown in an unordered list:

* BMW 730d - 69,500 euro
* BMW 740i - 75,500 euro
* BMW 740Li - 82,500 euro
* BMW 750i -90,000 euro
* BMW 750Li - 94,000 euro

No word on the high-end model, the 760Li yet.

There is an extensive list of options offered and a few things stand out:

* BMW Navigation System Professional - 2,436 euro
* Navigation System with integrated bluetooh - 3,235 euro
* HiFi Audio System - 756 euro
* Head-Up Display 1,126 ero
* BMW Welt Delivery - 498 euro

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