Sunday, December 14, 2008

2009 BMW Z4 - German Pricing

I was just informed that BMW has already set the pricing for those customers that live in Germany. A little bit unexpected since BMW is known for delaying as much as possible the pricing announcement.

The car will become available in Spring, but I have no doubt the dealerships will have a waiting list for the new roadster. Despite a few small concerns that I have heard from several people, most of them in regards to the increased weight, the new BMW Z4 has been received very well. Everyone is praising BMW's new design and Juliane Blasi gets all the attention.

So, let me start by showing you the german base prices for the 2009 BMW Z4: 

·         BMW Z4 sDrive 23i (204 bhp) = 35,900 - euros - 48,071 USD

·         BMW Z4 sDrive 30i (258 bhp) = 42,900 - euros - 57,445 USD

·         BMW Z4 sDrive 35i (306 bhp) = 47,450 - euros - 63,537 USD


And now let's compare it to the previous generation E85 Z4, still german pricing:

·         BMW E85 Z4 2.0i (150HP) = €29,900 - euros - 40,037 USD

·         BMW E85 Z4 2.5i (177HP) = €32,900 - euros - 44,054 USD

·         BMW E85 Z4 2.5si (218HP) = €35,900 - euros - 48,071 USD

·         BMW E85 Z4 3.0si (265HP) = €42,250 - euros - 56,574 USD


Conclusion: A very significant increase, what we have all feared, has just happened. The high-end Z4 sDrive35i costs $7,000 more than its E85 counterpart or a 12.3% increase. I do expect the US pricing to follow the same pattern.

And in the end, let's see how the competitions has priced their roadsters and we will choose Mercedes-Benz and their beautiful SLK.

·         200K (184HP) = 36,500 -euros -48,875 USD 

·         280 (231HP) = 41,860 - euros - 56,052 USD

·         350 (305HP) = 46,975 - euros - 62,901 USD

Conclusion: BMW has priced its new E89 Z4 roadster very close to the SLK, with two out of three models being slightly more expensive, and the base  one, sDrive23i, a few hundred euros cheaper.

Thanks for the SLK numbers EnI!



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