Sunday, December 14, 2008

BMW 7 Series and its amazing Headlights System

It is widely known by now that the new BMW 7 Series excels mostly with its latest technology. BMW wanted to emphasize the fact that the new 7 Series will stand out, not only with its new design, but especially with the latest and more advanced technology that could be seen in vehicle.

Several videos and articles on the BMW 7 Series Technology have been posted in the last several months, but to me it seems like each time there is something new to learn about the new 7er.

One of the feature that really stands out is the new Adaptive Headlight Control System. While the adaptive headlights are nothing new really in a BMW, the latest technology in the 7 series is a whole another story.

The Adaptive Headlights use swiveling headlights that always point in the direction the vehicle is steering so therefore the road ahead is better illuminated and obstacles become visible sooner.

To quote BMW and their detailed description:

The Adaptive Headlight technology is based on the dynamic headlamp control system. Sensors measure speed, steering angle and yaw (degree of rotation around the vertical axis). Based on this information, small electric motors turn the headlights so the beam falls on the road ahead, guiding you into the bend.
The headlight system is activated whenever the vehicle is moving forwards. When the vehicle is in reverse or if the steering wheel is turned when the vehicle is not moving (such as when leaving a parallel parking space), the headlights do not turn, in order to prevent blinding the drivers of oncoming traffic.

And to prove how smart this system really is, if your speed drops below 31mph then the system activates the City Driving Mode. This mode simply reduces the lighting power but it is still sufficient to illuminate the road and potential objects or people.

Well, I'm not sure about you, but I can tell you that I am ubber excited to test drive the new 7 Series and look beyond its design and focus mostly on the driving and car experience.



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