Monday, December 22, 2008

BMW Creating Multi Functional Key FOB

BMW Key FOBBMW is once again working on creating an easier way for you to pay for things with your car keys. The new Smart Key (multifunction key) has been built with a security chip that gives it the ability to talk to a card reader over short distances. Right now it has limited function - but BMW is hoping that over the years they will be able to expand upon this idea.

It will be able to store access passes for different methods of public transportation and information to help facilitate electronic payments. These are only two things that BMW will hope to bring in customers and make their lives much easier.

The best thing is that it will be able to carry the drivers personal preferences between each car. Owners will have their own fib personalized to their ConnectedDrive preferences - which would help make those options available in any BMW model and not just their own personal cars. This is the best way for people to remember their favorite radio stations and other special services when traveling.



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