Monday, December 22, 2008

Calendar: New BMW 7 Series

Our friend Jonathan Spira just made available a beautiful 2009 Calendar featuring the new 7 Series. Jonathan was one of the first to drive a new BMW 7 Series through Europe. This calendar includes 13 photographs of the car and the trip. He drove 1600 kilometers on the trip, visiting Germanz, Austria, and Slovenia.

Mr. Spira is the author of "The History of Photography" (Aperture, 2001), named a New York Times "Best Book of the Year". This calendar captures the elegance and power of BMW's latest masterpiece, the all new 7 Series. If you're looking to replace your 08 calendar with something more bimmerish like, then this could be the perfect choice.

To preview the calendar, click here and then choose "Preview This Book"




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