Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Compact’ X1’s big shock

Compact' X1's big shock


BMW unveiled the X1 at Paris, but don't let the name fool you... this is no mini-SUV! At a mere 108mm shorter than the X3, the concept's sheer bulk shocked onlookers.

The model has a four-wheel-drive transmission that is used on the 3-Series in overseas markets, and the X1 is hailed as a 'crossover' by the firm.

It's hoping to sell it to those wanting a beefed-up estate car, rather than a small 4x4. According to BMW insiders, this X1 is the completed showroom version in all but the most minor details, although production is still six months away. All versions will come with xDrive four-wheel drive, and the 3-Series underpinnings mean a variety of four and six-cylinder engines can be slotted beneath the bonnet.

The range will start with xDrive 18i and 18d versions, which use 2.0-litre petrol and diesel units. Uprated xDrive 20i and 20d-badged cars will also appear at launch.

Six-cylinder petrol and diesel units – generating 272bhp and 245bhp respectively – will top the range until a rumoured 'tii' flagship appears. BMW hasn't ruled out a hybrid electric model in the future, too. Prices start at around £25,000, rising to £35,000 for an xDrive 30i.



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