Monday, December 15, 2008

Hartge releases E92 BMW M3 Convertible mod package

This February Hartge released its E92 M3 Coupe tuning package, adding power and more aggressive looks to the already imposing base vehicle. Now the company has released its treatment for the M3 Convertible as well. The primary focal points of the drop-top treatment are the points of difference from the Coupe's package: a unique front air dam and lip spoiler, decklid spoiler and rear diffuser. Hartge hasn't revealed what it has in store for the Convertible on the mechanical side of things, but being essentially identical to the Coupe, it should be able to take advantage of the same performance enhancers. Those include a raised electronic speed limit (up to 180mph or 291km/h), or optionally the speed limiter can be completely removed.

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