Sunday, December 14, 2008

If you were BMW’s CEO….

what new cars, concept would you give the green light for production? I know this is a very hypothetical question and while many of us dream at  that job someday(ya, righttt), it is still fun to be in Her Norbert Reithofer's shoes.

So, feel free to share with us what BMW models should be part of the future BMW line-up and I will compile all the comments in here and see what the most popular choices are.

This article was inspired by the folks are Germancarzone who opened a great forum thread with lots of good answers. I will monitor their results as well and see how it compares.

Let's have some fun today!

P.S Let me tell you my choices:

·         BMW CS Concept

·         BMW Z8 SuperRoadster

·         Gina Light Concept



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