Tuesday, December 16, 2008

In Essen have shown sport coupe Brabham Racing BT 92 on the basis of BMW M3

On a motor show in Essen debuted the graceful compartment Brabham Racing BT 92 executed on the basis of BMW M3. The car have equipped with a set of external details from carbon fiber, 20-inch cast wheel disks with carbon inserts, sports final system, exclusive elements of an interior and highly effective brakes. Judging by the images kindly given by our Dutch colleagues from site Autoblog.nl, it has as a result turned out very much even the quite good car. In the meantime it was found out that all – including organizers of a motor show – considered that name Brabham Racing directly is connected with a legend of the Australian races by sir Jack Brebhemom (Sir Jack Brabham). Now it has appeared that this German company has no relation neither to triple champion Formuly-1, nor to its racing command. On the site sir Brebhem has let out an official statement asserting that «no communication between a family of Brebhem and production exposed on the European motor show, is present». According to Associated Press information, Jack Brebhem and his family are going to submit the claim against company Brabham Racing.



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