Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Is this the BMW CS Concept/8-Series/GT ?

November 4th represents the day when BMW fans' hopes to see a hig-end luxury car were shuttered by BMW. The highly-acclaimed and admired CS Concept was officially cancelled by BMW's Board of Directors due to financial reason and the current economical climate. 

Even though the project received the axe, we did learn that the CS Concept might make its return in the future, most likely as under the Rolls-Royce brand. The CS Concept was rumored for months to take on different name conventions, starting with CS, then the revival of 8 Series or even GT. 

The fellows at Autobild spotted two photos of what it seems to be a model based on the new 7 Series but with some differences, especially on the front-end.

EnI, a member of Germancarzone, as someone close to BMW, confirms that the CS Project is still going on, but most likely, it will emerge as a baby Rolls-Royce. 

I was told although BMW GT project had been ready to begin the initial testing when BMW Board of Directors decided not to offer this car under BMW but under RR badge. Of course RR design is far from being ready; the design process has just begun … But the BMW-like CS prototypes are starting the testings as scheduled - until RR design is ready. 

What's certain at this point is that BMW has not completely erased the CS out of their Road Map and the state of the economy will dictate their future plans. We can only hope now!

[Source: BMWToday ]



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