Monday, December 15, 2008

Next-generation BMW 1-series could get 'shooting brake' variant

BMW released an updated version of the 1-series compact late last year and since then a suspicious prototype of the hatch has been captured running around German streets. At first appearance the car looks like an ordinary 1-series hatchback but look closer and you'll notice several key features that reveal it is very different. Now new information about the next-generation car has just been revealed by Klaus Draeger, BMW's product development guru, indicating that a 'shooting brake' elongated two-door wagon/hatch variant may be in the works. Noting that it's very tough to find a way to expand the 1-series lineup without impinging either on Mini's sales at the lower end or on the 3-series sales above, Draeger says he only sees one new body type as having a serious chance at production, according to a report in AutoBild.

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