Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Spy shots: 2010 BMW X3 caught alongside current model

New spy shots of BMW's latest X3 prototype indicate the company may be moving the crossover's development forward to match the competition. Previous reports had indicated that the current BMW X3 would have to soldier on for a few more years until the arrival of an all-new model at the end of the decade. However, with the impending release of the new Audi Q5 and Mercedes-Benz GLK, BMW is worried about losing its leadership position.

The latest spy images show a car with completely finished headlights and tail lights, slightly expanded dimensions for added interior space and more X5-like styling. Bringing in the X5 resemblance could also be a calculated move to help some of the upcoming X5 M model's cachet rub off on the smaller sibling. In addition to the revamped exterior, a full array of gadgets and features are expected to be available for the X3 to help keep its edge against Audi and Mercedes. It is even possible that BMW could make the night-vision heads-up display currently found in the X6 and other models available on the
BMW X3. Bi-xenon lights with around-corner capability and new seats that feature massage functions and ventilation are also expected for the new model.

2010 BMW X3 SUV spy shots

Spied alongside the current model, we can clearly see that two vehicles will be very similar bar a few minor styling changes. The new 2010 model will sport a rounder overall appearance and its roof profile will be slightly shorter.

Engines will remain largely the same, with a choice of four diesels ranging from 177hp (132kW) to 299hp (223kW), and most markets getting the option of two petrol engines rated at 231hp (172kW) and 306hp (228kW). A new hybrid model is also tipped to be on the table, though specifications are still forthcoming.

2010 BMW X3 SUV spy shots2010 BMW X3 SUV spy shots2010 BMW X3 SUV spy shots2010 BMW X3 SUV spy shots



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