Sunday, December 14, 2008

VIDEO: BMW Performance teases new 3 Series model

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We're not quite sure what BMW is up to, but the automaker from Munich is hosting a video on its website (at that features a fairly normal-looking 3 Series sedan surrounded by a ring of fluorescent light tubes. The few bits and pieces we can make through the epileptic seizure-inducing light show are a small set of blue LEDs right under the headlamps, carbon fiber mirrors, yellow calipers, a rear deck-lid spoiler and sill plates that read "BMW Performance". The rear end looks like it may have a new lower valence, and the wheels are certainly large for a 3 Series sedan. This new BMW Performance model could slot right below the M3 and go about its merry way without drawing attention to itself like the M model does, or else the website could be showing the myriad amount of accessories that are available for the 3 Series sedan from the factory. Either way, the website claims we should come back in November to learn more, so perhaps BMW's webmaster should go look at a calendar and get back to us. Check out the high-quality video for yourself after the jump.

[Source: BMW]



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