Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Testing: BMW 750i xDrive

During the winter testing in Arctic Driving Center in Rovaniemi, Finland, the same Autobild fellows drove the all-wheel drive version of the new BMW 7 Series. The unreleased 750i xDrive is again a car that not many journalists had the opportunity to drive. Also, not many information were known about the first 7 Series all-wheel-drive model, but we did learn a new few things.

The 750i xDrive will be available at the Frankfur Auto Show next year. The 7er xDrive will be available in both short-wheel base and of course, long-wheel base, but it will not be available in the low-end petrol and diesel models. 

Autobild says the typical RWD driving feeling stays,  while the xDrive contributes to better traction & handling in slippery conditions. The xDrive system in the new 7er distributes the torque in the basis rear-biased ratio 30:70 (instead of 40:60 like in other xDrive models). 

It sounds to me that BMW still has a few more surprises for us and the new 7 Series seems to become the perfect car that can satisfy the needs even of the most demanding customer.

BMW 750i xDrive


BMW 750i xDrive

BMW 750i xDrive



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