Friday, January 23, 2009

BMW CS Mule Caught In Munich [BMW CS]

After confirming the BMW CS Concept at the Toyko Motor Show things have been quiet on the news front. Until we saw these spy photos this morning.

Since all the cool kids are doing a sedan with a coupe-like roof-line these days, BMW has to get in on that action and the CS is the perfect car to do it with. EVO caught this one outside BMW's headquarters in Munich apparently making U-turns in a playpen.

The shape of this mule retains much of the concept cars shape with a long low profile, set back green house, and a wide, flat hood. While their shape is very similar, the details on the headlights are a little dumbed down, but that's to be expected going from concept to reality.

We expect BMW to announce the cancellation of the CS any time in order to focus on hydrogen fuel cells, hybrid drive trains, and new rainbow harnessing technology. [EVO]



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