Sunday, January 25, 2009

Here comes again the BMW X5 M

Not a week without new photos of the new BMW X5 M and even the X6 M. A few days ago, the X5 M was spotted in Munich, but today, Leftlanenews with the help of my close friend Palbay, have one of the best BMW X5 M shots we have seen so far.

I can certainly say now that by looking at this photos, the X5 M looks pretty impressive, as far as being aggressive, and differentiating itself from the regular X5 model.


In the photos at LeftLaneNews, you can also the quad exhaust tips that will be a trademark for the M model, along with the side vent. In this photo, you  can the large air-intakes in the front bumper, quite sexy I might add, despite the light camouflage.

As mentioned before also, the headlights are the being imported from the Sports Activity Coupe X6, giving the M twin models a similar front-end look.I am definitely looking forward to the official photos, but what I look mostly forward to, is the consumer reaction to this M model. Would it be widely accepted? Pricing will have everything to do with it.

[Source: LeftLaneNews ]



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