Friday, January 23, 2009

New bmw z4!

Some days ago a series of the scanned pictures has filtered into a network with represented on them new BMW Z4, models the official information about which has appeared only today. The scanned brochure in which all car, but only its devilishly attractive forward part is not shown became First signs. The new sports cabriolet from BMW has incorporated the basic images realised by the main designer, Mr. Benglom, on all previous models. The first Z4 tried to resemble a monetary denomination, with a forward part which looked so as if tried to thumb all a nose. At the same car a frightening and predatory kind which as if speaks: «I have a secret, … and I can reach you». In the brochure the date started of official sales – also is specified on May, 9th, thus, it is necessary to wait only about 5 months to see a predatory cabriolet on roads.



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