Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Photos: BMW X5 with M-Sport Package

Spartanburg, SC and another day with the BMW test vehicles being driven around the plant. Once again, our closest collaborator and spy photographer, Palbay, has some shots for us.

This time, we don't have the BMW X5 M version, but rather the regular X5 4.8 liter V8 model with the US version of the M-Sport Package. Just last week, we went into a close analysis of the BMW X5 M and the M-Sport Package which seemed to be creating a bit of confusion.

The X5 M-Sport Package has been available in Europe for quite some time now and there were always rumors pointing to an US version as well. So the natural question will be, what's so special about this package?

BMW X5 M-Sport package

The main exterior differences from a standard X5 are the front and rear fascia's the wheel's and the sleeker roof rails.The car features a beefed up Sport Suspension and some M Sport touches on the interior, similar to the other "cosmetic" M packages.

As much as I like how the M-Sport Package looks on the X5, I cannot wonder the confusion that this package might create. Think about it, BMW X5 M, BMW X5 M-Sport Package…….I wonder how successful this will be.

BMW X5 M-Sport package

BMW X5 M-Sport package

BMW X5 M-Sport package

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