Tuesday, March 31, 2009

107 yrs old woman getting a track ride in a BMW M3 Race Car

Well, we all knew that BMW has a wide range of fans, from all over the world, all ages or social status, but when an 107 years old woman celebrates her birthday by getting a track ride in the powerful and fast BMW M3 sports car, then we know how loved the BMW brand really is.

Sporting a crash helmet, Dulcibella King-Hall, who turns 107 on Saturday, fulfilled her life-long dream when she was driven around the former Grand Prix circuit three times.


Even though the top speed was only 108 mph, she is to be admired for wishing to go through such thrills. An insurance form of 5 million pounds had the be signed prior to her adventure.

Before she could step in, wheelchair-bound Dulcibella had to sign insurance forms covering her for up to £5million.

But how did she really feel?

“I felt really excited when we were going around the track but I wasn’t frightened. I’ve always liked cars and the feeling of going that fast was amazing.”

All we have to say is this: Kudos for being so brave and adventurous! We wish many more years and maybe another similar birthday present next year!

Thanks for the tip Stephen!

[Source: DailyMail UK ]


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