Tuesday, March 31, 2009

2009 BMW Z4 looks pretty amazing in white


Since the 2009 BMW Z4 official photos have been released, I have been a huge fan of Deep Sea Blue color and I did not believe there will be another Z4 paint that will make me enjoy it more.

But I was wrong, courtesy of Pekka, member of GCZ, we have new photos of the Z4 in a white color. Even though BMW doesn’t list this paint on their website,  based on the BMW Z4 ordering guide and options article we posted a while back, i can certainly say that we’re looking here at the beautiful Alpine White.

The Z4 spotted in these photos is a Right Hand Drive model, the first I have seen so far.


We’re just a little bit over a month away from the moment the first Z4 will reach the U.S dealerships and I’m excited to drive the new roadster. Every review I have read so far, it’s praising the handling capabilities, dynamics and the amazing twin-turbo engine.


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