Tuesday, March 31, 2009

BMW Creates Bavarian Deep Blue Yacht

BMW Bavarian Deep Blue YachtIt looks like the designers and engineers at BMW have some spare time on their hands, Instead of working on a new ground breaking model they have come up with a few designs in the form of a ship. Somehow the word boat just seems to minuscule a word to use for this design.

Designworks USA was commissioned by Bavaria Yachtbau GmbH to create a 46 foot sport yacht. The picture that we have provided above is an example of this same boat. You can clearly see the luxury and detail that BMW puts into most of their cars - but we don’t see their logo

The design of the boat seems to get rid of the aqua dynamics of a normal speedboat to make room for comfort and people who will use it to sun bathe instead of actually taking out into the water. It has been given a very spacious deck and a large cabin. The propulsion used for it will be up to the customer and will be made at their specifications.

This is actually BMW’s second boat that they have designed. The first is the Zeydon Z60 sailing yacht.


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