Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Orange Lumma BMW M5 found through Google Street View

Google Street View: Yup, no more privacy in this world and we’re here to confirm it again. The unique but weird looking Orange Lumma BMW M5 has been spotted again through the wonderful eye of Google Street View.

Courtesy of  the folks at BushAutoblog, the Orange BMW M5, or by its real name CLR 500 RS, was found on the map right across from the Sheraton Park Tower in Knightsbridge, UK. The BMW Lumma CLR 500 RS is powered by a V10 engine that delivers 560 HP and it tops out at 203 mph.


As a trademark, Lumma painted their M5 in this orange color, liked by some, but disliked by many others. As far as myself, I prefer the black matte finish we’ve seen before.As BushAutoblog points out as well, the car is registered in Dubai, which for some reason doesn’t surprise me.

Now let’s go back to that Google privacy thingy: what are the odds of seeing two orange M5s in a city? Slim to none…? So, if you own one, be careful where you’re going, so you escape from the Google’s eye, or even worse, your significant others.




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