Saturday, May 9, 2009

Manhart-Racing builds a V10 BMW M3 Touring

I’m not sure how many of you remember, but back in January we featured some renderings of our friend Jon’s dream car: a BMW M3 Touring. Since you’re reading our blog, you are most likely huge bimmer fans so therefore you know by now that the BMW M3 only comes in three variants: Sedan, Coupe and Convertible.

Even though over the past few years there were many rumors surrounding the idea of an M3 Touring, but no official confirmation has even been given. So, we were left at the “mercy” of those talented graphic artists. One of them is our close friend Jon Sibal who created those exciting M3 Touring renderings a few months back.


Fast forward a few months and what started as a simple “never come true wish” turned into the real deal. Manhart-Racing, a German based company, modded an E91 Touring and gave it more of an “M” look.

But wait….that’s not really the exciting part… Manhart-Racing managed to squeeze into the M3 Touring a V10 engine from the popular 5 Seroes  E60 M5. The car was labeled as the M3 T V10, short for M3 Touring V10).

While the exterior of the car features some of the typical M elements, the interior is all about the BMW Performance Parts.

No other information have been released at this time, but if I were to draw a conclusion I would tell you that I still favor the rendering made by Jon. Here is Jon’s dream car:


[Source: Jon Sibal ]


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