Sunday, December 21, 2008

2009 BMW Z4 spotted on US soil…still with camo on

For the past few months, the spy photographers were having a blast with the Z4 test mules being spotted all over Munich or in the near vicinity. With the Z4 production moving to Regensburg, it was expected that much of the testing will be conducted in the BMW's mother land.

Fast forward to last week and we finally had the opportunity to see the fully, unveiled BMW Z4, the official photos were released onto the web. Despite the fact that we have all seen the new and great roadster, our friend Palbay decided to show us some last "spy photos" of the Z4, this time spotted back where it all started: Spartanburg. As David would call it, the "The Son's Return".

He also wanted to share with us the following:

the exhaust note is intoxicating….just an awesome sound…better in person than the BMW videos that are out. Bottom line….just a special occasion for a BMW fan to experience the new Z4 in the metal….and on the track…. before many people at all have seen the car…period … camouflage notwithstanding.

Most likely David saw the sDrive35i. So, do you live in the Spartbanburg area? I know if I would, I will be there trying to see it and HEAR it before everyone else. The 2009 BMW Z4 will be displayed at the Detroit Auto Show in less than a month, but in the mean time…..Spartanburg tracks…..

P.S Yes, these are the last spy photos, we're moving on :))



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