Sunday, December 21, 2008

Photoshoot No.2: BMW E46 M3

Exactly a week ago, I have shown you a photoshoot with a gorgeous Red Imola E46 BMW M3, one of those classy M models that we will all love.

The M3's owner, Ian, contacted me, and see if I would like to do an article follow-up, or better said, photoshoot numero dos. Same car, different surroundings.

As Ian explained, the track pictures were taken at Virgina International Raceway(VIR) and the ski pad photos were at summit point raceway.

So, if you enjoyed the first shots, I have no doubt you will dig those as well and for a slow day, before the big holidays, it's a perfect time to enjoy some perfect photos.

All the pics can be seen at FULL res at

Photos taken by Brian Menda and Matt DiPippa.

P.S What other M models should we cover next?



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