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In 2009 the reach entirely new BMW X3

In 2009 the reach entirely new BMW X3

The BMW X6 is only an advance of the assault that BMW has prepared for the segment of the crossovers, but we must not forget one of the CUVs that started it all: the 2009 BMW X3. While the model received a renewal last year, the appearance of this does not satisfy many, so that BMW hopes to remedy that in 2009, when it will arrive at the market completely redesigned
2009 BMW X3 2010.

The image of the side is a rendering tries to anticipate that the new design. Reportedly, the
2009 BMW X3 will have a front inspired by the BMW CS Concept, which debuted in the Hall of Shanghai last year. CUV is expected to incorporate the engine biturbo 3.0 L 306 hp.

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Two new awards for the BMW X3

In addition to the wide acceptance that is making the entire journey smallest BMW in major international markets, are also coming good reviews by the media specialist.

So, readers of the publication engine read more of Europe-in-all-terrain vehicles, "Autobild Alles Allrad" has awarded the
BMW X3 as all-terrain of the year. For publication, the BMW X3 is a reference in its segment.

And earlier this prize, the German magazine Offroad choose as well as the All terrain of the Year for his magnificent qualities routers, behavior and overall balance. Only during the past year has sold 113,997 units of the
BMW X3 worldwide, a figure that shows the success of this product.

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Comes 2.0d 177 hp engine to BMW X3

Finally is available at dealerships the new
BMW X3 Europeans equipped with the 2.0d of 177 hp engine, which replaces the previous 150 hp, but something just economic benefits, especially when something goes charged.

With the new mechanics of 177 hp, premiered in the Series1, the
BMW X3 average consumption remains very tight on common values, namely 6.5 litres/100 and some polluting emissions of CO2 from 172gr/km.

At the Spanish market reach in the coming weeks with a fully equipped, but also with a long list of options to customize the vehicle to the customer's taste.

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Prices of the BMW X3 2007 in Spain

Prices of the BMW X3 2007 in Spain

Spain BMW has announced prices for the new range
BMW X3 2007, with minor cosmetic changes and some mechanical most important. With improvements added, are designed to maintain the excellent pace of sales leads this vehicle.

Prices of basic
BMW X3 are as follows:

BMW X3 2007 2.0i 150 hp € 38,400
BMW X3 2007 2.5si 218 hp € 45,900
BMW X3 2007 2.5si Aut. 218 hp € 48,438
BMW X3 2007 3.0si 272 hp € 48,200
BMW X3 2007 3.0si Aut. 272 hp € 50,738
BMW X3 2007 2.0d € 38,800
BMW X3 2007 3.0d € 48,400
BMW X3 2007 3.0d Aut. € 50,938
BMW X3 2007 3.0sd Aut. 286 hp € 55,200

Hartge makes the X3 SUV with a genuine Hunter

Hartge makes the X3 SUV with a genuine Hunter

The closest he has been to offer a BMW SUV with all the letters was installed when their V8 engines in the Range Rover. Even his "Sport Activity Vehicle, the BMW X5, rarely ventures out of asphalt, simply go home to the office or at a school for children. Well, Hartge had thought that enough is enough, so for those who want a luxury SUV with the skills of a true mountain goat, has created a special version of the
BMW X3 call Hunter. With it, the Bavarian coach gives the SUV a considerably higher clearance, accompanied by a suspension made rise to the occasion with new springs and shock absorbers. One obvious lower deck steel and the use of two differential locks help improve their talent as explorer. Of course, SUV tires could not miss, in this case some mounted on wheels underweight Classic 2 of 18 inches. Additionally, for fans of authentic off-roading, Hartge offers sleeves and a washable seat passenger green.

Surely the owners of a Jeep or a Land Rover will not be running again by telephone Hartge, but certainly this is one of the most capable BMW off the road we have seen.

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Discreetly updated BMW X3 and the removal of the 2.5L

Discreetly updated BMW X3 and the removal of the 2.5L

Alec who is one of our readers, did not send the data in his
2006 BMW X3 update with some modifications to his style, especially in its front. The company also pulled out of the line model 2.5L I6, leaving only the 3.0L that produces 225 horsepower and 214 pounds of torque. A quick glance at the BMW site reveals that there is no press release 3.0 on the BMW X3 SAV 2006.

The BMW X3 will be renewed next year

The BMW X3 will be renewed next year

Detroit News reports that the
BMW X3 will receive a small face washing for the Model 2007 (in 2006 for practical purposes), so when you are within half of their life cycle. This new version will be presented in September at the Salon de l'Automobile in Paris, where we will see a slight redesign in the front and rear, as well as an interior significantly improved to endure until the new model arrives in 2009.

BMW will face fierce competition, with lots of Asian and European brands preparing similar size SUVs and loaded up on top of extras. Hyundai, which takes some time that it was not known, has appointed
BMW X3 as one of the references to overcome.

BMW manufactures 500,000 unity of X3

BMW manufactures 500,000 unity of X3

BMW is celebrating these days in the factory in Graz, Austria, the unit produced 500,000 of the
BMW X3, one of the best selling SUVs in the old continent and also enjoys popular in other countries such as USA and Australia.

Despite what might be thinking, the
BMW X3 also joins others in places like Thailand, Russia and Egypt. Only in 2007 left all assembly lines no less than 110,000 units that were to Main Germany, Italy, France, Britain and Spain.

BMW X3 came on the market in late 2003 but in 2006 received a small restyling that was able to improve the efficiency of some mechanical engines, plus benefits, especially in the 2.0d, which happened to have 177 hp instead of 150 hp the previous one.

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Cools the X3 BMW BMW has officially released its small soda todocamino, and so we can see from the information provided by the company, the changes do not stay in their external appearance.

Cools the X3BMW BMW has officially released its small soda todocamino and so we can see from the information provided by the company, the changes do not stay in their external appearance.

The general forms of
BMW X3 remain basically unchanged, but a quick glance reveals that the extremes have been some modifications. In front, the model incorporates a new bumper with some inlets larger. There is also a small spoiler and fog lights are now integrated into the bodywork, above, providing a more "hard" Viewed from the front. Looking back, we noticed that the rear bumper gets a slight redesign and taillights are now LEDs instead of bulbs.

Inside, the center console benefits from higher quality materials. The steering wheel is also new bill and the model
BMW X3 3.0sd include stainless steel pedals.

Beneath the bonnet things are slightly more interesting ...

BMW offers two petrol engines and three diesel to buyers of the
BMW X3, five thrusters in total of which three are new.

The top end is represented by the
BMW X3 3.0sd, which receives an biturbo diesel of 286 horses and a pair of 580 Nm at just 1,750 rpm.

The other two new engines are fed gasoline. The first one is a 2.5 six cylinders and 218 horses, with which the
BMW X3 reaches a maximum speed of 220 km / h and does 0 to 100 in 8.5 seconds. The second engine is a 3.0 to 272 horses, which gives superior performance; 228 km / h acceleration time of 0 to 100 kph in 7.5 seconds. This will be the sole engine with which it is put up for sale in the United States, where 260 horses approval and an acceleration curiously higher than the European, 7.1 seconds.

The two remaining engines are already known 2.0d of 150 hp and 218 of 3.0d.

3.0 The new engines are associated with a series of automatic gearbox, while the rest receive a six-speed manual transmission and may change mounted automatic as an option. Finally, the drive system is integrated xDrive improved through the addition of stability control system is dynamic BMW (DSC +).

BMW hired more workers in the U.S.

BMW hired more workers in the U.S.

Not everything will be layoffs for BMW in 2008, since at least to its plant in South Carolina in the United States, the German mark plans to hire more staff, in addition to increasing the shift from 8 to 10 hours a day. Actual production center that produced the BMW Z4 and BMW X5, but it is expected that within the next few weeks will begin to assemble units CUV BMW X6. BMW will increase its staff to 200 new workers to maintain production ceiling.

While production of the BMW Z4 will move to Regensburg (Germany) in 2009, plans to begin producing
BMW X3 in the United States, which will receive a renewal by that date.

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