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New Package M for BMW X5

New Package M for BMW X5

As is customary in the signing muniquesa models, BMW has just put up for sale in Europe on BMW M Sports package for one of their most recent car, the BMW X5 M.

The most striking aspect of the BMW X5 M M are enormous alloy wheels, 19 inches, but also receives other aesthetic modifications, as both new bumpers front and rear in the area, details on external chrome, small rear spoiler, and so on.

The interior details are aluminum, sport steering wheel with the BMW M logo and sports seats. The colors available for the new BMW X5 M are six. As to price, yet we know it for the Spanish market, since their marketing is planned for the month of July.

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Breathe: There will be no version of the BMW X5 M

Breathe There will be no version   of the BMW X5 M

Since July last year have continued to arrive at certain intervals spy photos of a BMW X5 asaz suspect running tests in Europe. The prototype, with four exhaust pipes and camouflage most of which would be normal for a simple face washing, it was believed he was going to be an M version of todocamino, but according to people BimmerFile, all this is hearsay. The unit tests spy BMW X5 is a "Sport Edition" in the same vein of 4.8is. Instead of being fitted with the V10's M5, mounted the same V8 biturbo we can find in the familiar BMW X6, delivering 407 hp.

If all goes well, will be launched later this year with a distinct aesthetic and the relevant sportssuspension.

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Spy photos: BMW X5 V8 biturbo in the Ring

Spy photos BMW X5 V8 biturbo in   the Ring

BMW continues to deny the existence of an M version of the BMW X5, and what we know is telling the truth. The weight, height and shape of the SUV (or SAV) would not allow an adventure-type M, but that does not mean that BMW can not produce a more powerful version of this model.

Using the same V8 biturbo engine of 4.4 liters and 407 horses recently presented at the BMW X6, the SUV will come with improved game to give Porsche Cayenne Turbo. KGP was able to capture a series of images of BMW X5 turbo running at Nürburgring and although it lacks the M emblem in the gate, is more aggressive than his brother. The front follows the lines of division high-performance BMW, with large air intakes and a large central conduit, while a set of four escapes makes its appearance in the new rear bumpers. There is no data when this version of the BMW X5 debut, but with the Paris Motor Show approaching, there are possibilities that will see it there.

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BMW X5 launches in the United Arab Emirates

Probably, the United Arab Emirates is a major market for BMW, which gradually grows in this country thanks to the renewal of

its range. Now is the time for the BMW X5, a model of the brand expects a great reception.

The new generation of BMW X5 is something bigger, with capacity for up to seven passengers and equipment much more comprehensive, albeit based options are not exactly very cheap, but taking into account the price of these vehicles, nor is alarming.

In UAE is supplied with engines 3.0iy 4.8i, later, on June, complete with supply diesel 3.0d of 231 hp. Prices for new BMW X5 range between 280,000 (57,194 € / 76,242 dollars) and 355,000 dirhams (72,514 € / 96,664 dollars).

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Spy photos: Is BMW X5 "M"?

Spy photos Is BMW X5 M

Lehmann returns to the old ways with new spy photos published in World Car Fans, that this time we are a very dopado BMW X5, at least judging from their exhaust pipes and huge inlets (provisional) which looks without compunction to sight around the world.

Could this be the elusive version of the BMW X5v M? Anything is possible, but just in case, does not have that. According to the head of the division of high-performance BMW, Gerhard Richter, the BMW X5 is too big and heavy to be turned into a real and genuine M. The largest engine available now exceeds 350 horses and lets you show off some figures, acceleration and maximum speed enviable, so if as rumoured, the BMW SUV came to mount the same V10 of the BMW M5, things could get very hot inside the segment. Both the Cayenne Turbo S begin to move heat. And we are talking about a todocamino leaving behind more than a BMW sports coupe fact and law.

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More than Hamann: Now, turn to the X5

You know what is the thing, so do not you going to Mary a lot. Hamann has launched a series of improvements for the new BMW BMW X5. The Bavarian todocamino receives little more grip thanks to a control unit reprogrammed, which allows you to increase the numbers of torque and power significantly. The BMW X5 3.0si with the update generates 14 horses and 25 Nm above the BMW model series, while the 4.8i adds 18 more horses and a couple unspecified their performance. For his part, the diesel model, represented by BMW X5 3.0d, now pays 265 hp and 600 Nm (its factory defaults are 235 hp and 520 Nm). Of course, and since we are talking about Hamann, there are also a series of aerodynamic improvements supposedly quite striking, as well as updates in the suspension (lowered) and the wheels, which can be mounted wheels 20, 22 and 23 inches.

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BMW has said time and again that a vehicle such as the BMW X5 Mv has no place within the philosophy of "M" that combines more power and less weight. Despite this, spy photographers can contradict the mark, as recently met in the streets of Munich with a new prototype of the BMW X5 Mv showing some distinctive lines BMW M. The mule presents a new front bumper with air intakes larger than usual, while the four rear exhaust pipes are placed in a position lower than usual.

Another detail que delatan the model was the sound of its engine. According to the photographer, this sounded very differentfrom the current BMW X5 M, even suggesting that this could be a new version or possibly a V10 bi-turbo V8. The final sign the tyres give more sports, indicating that a new model BMW M is on its way.

With security purists will feel betrayed by the very idea of a BMW SUV with BMW M emblem, but if Porsche can, then we assume that BMW is also their right.

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Spy photos: BMW X5 M sighted again

Spy photos BMW X5 M sighted again

This is not the first time we are talking about the long rumored BMW X5 M, but here we go again.

According to say, this high-performance SUV (or SAV as BMW calls them), take advantage of a V10 engine of 5.0 litres in its model line cap. The problem is that despite its 500 horses, this power plant has a torque of 519 Nm only, so the mark could opt for a modified 4.4-liter V8 biturbo, similar to that which is under the bonnet of the new BMW X6. From factory, this engine has 408 hp and 600 Nm, but with a little work of the M division of BMW, it is not unlikely that it can achieve 500 hp and 677 Nm. With that power, the BMW X5 M could cope with the 500 hp and 700 Nm of the Porsche Cayenne Turbo, and 510 hp and 630 Nm of Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG.

In the pictures we see that the spies BMW X5 M has a modified front bumper, which allows you to maximize airflow. Outbreaks fog, in turn, have been replaced by air intakes that seem to hide oil coolers in the front fender (similar to those found in the right front fender of the BMW 335i). For its part, the four rear exhaust pipes are identical to those already Visma in one of the prototypes last October.

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Argentina: new BMW X5

Argentina new BMW X5

The second generation of the BMW X5 is now available in Argentina with two gasoline engines and diesel, a large scale equipment and a very generous note that was also in price.

Thus, the mechanics are the 3.0i petrol from 272 hp and automatic change, the 4.8iS of 355 hp and a very high benefits and known three liters of diesel engine with 235 hp.

All BMW X5 incorporate serial alloy wheels, 18 inches, automatic climate control, audio equipment, onboard computer, speed control, and so on. Prices range from $ 88,100 to 3.0i $ 116,500 S. 4.8i

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Spy photos: BMW X5 M

Spy photos: BMW X5 M

BMW not for his obsession with offering more and more models, being the last in the list on BMW X5 M. Sighting somewhere in Germany while being transported by a truck, the variant of the BMW X5 M sport features four exhaust pipes, suggesting the arrival of a larger engine cylinder capacity in this SUV (or SAV, as BMW likes to call them) . In addition one of the photos is a handwritten note in which he warns drivers of evidence that the engine must not remain lit for more than 30 minutes, which may be related to the fact that at least one of the front air intakes are covered with camouflage.

Already some are betting that the BMW X5 M will have a 5.0 liter, V10 engine similar to that used in the BMW M5 and BMW M6, despite the fact that BMW has said that this unit is reserved exclusively for the models and equip it. Although still in development, another candidate could be a biturbo V8 engine of 430 hp 4.4 L, which would give him a profit of 75 horses over the current V8 of 4.8 litres. With this improvement, the BMW X5 M will be located between the Cayenne S and Cayenne Turbo, being, yes, 80 horses below the Mercedes ML 63. Definitely not us sounds very BMW M, so we will have to wait and see what they are machines in BMW to make this SUV / SAV something really surprising.

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The new BMW X5 arrives in Venezuela

The new BMW X5 arrives in   Venezuela

It has already been launched in Venezuela the BMW X5, a versatile vehicle that stands out for its design, finishes, performance and great power. Consumers may opt for a version 3.0 liter engine with six cylinders in line to 272 hp 6,650 rpm or a 4.8 liter, V8 engine that expenditures 6,300 rpm to 355 hp. The automatic transmission is available six marches. Defined as a Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV), the BMW X5 incorporates active steering system, traction system intelligent BMW X5 XDrive total, stabilisation system tilt and springs automatic Adaptive Drive.

The new configuration of the carrier that can accommodate five or seven passengers, depending on the version, allows lower seats for greater cargo space. Inside the vehicle also can find the iDrive (command system used to control navigation among other things), a climate control system, leather seats, sports multifunction steering wheel, Bluetooth 4.8 and an adapter for the iPod. As an alternative, the BMW X5 can carry a camera located in the rear as an aid to parking, audio equipment 7.2, with DVD entertainment system for rear seats and Head-up display for projecting important information in the windshield opposite the driver.

The version with 3.0 L engine cost 305 billion bolivars and with version 4.8 L V8 engine with three rows of seats will cost 388 million Bolivars. More information on this link.

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BMW X5 already available in Colombia

BMW X5 already available in   Colombia

Is now available to consumers Colombians the second generation of the BMW X5. This Sport Activity Vehicle arrives with engine of eight six-cylinder gasoline and diesel: 4.8 is of 355 horses, 320 horses from 4.4 i, 3.0 i of 231 horses and 3.0 d from 218 horses. The automatic transmissions are available with six-speed asynchronous transfer mode and Steptronic; six-speed manual standard for 3.0 and 3.0 d i and a five-speed automatic with Steptronic optional for the BMW X5 3.0 i.

Among its features the BMW X5 system includes Dynamic Stability Control, an improved version of the drive system BMW X5 xDrive, Dynamic Suspension Control EDC and pockets of xenon lights with adaptive among other things. Optional are the Head up Display, the chamber retreat, an audio system with 16 speakers, rear spoiler, the entertainment system for the seats of the second row and the system Address Active and Adaptive Driving. Additionally leads type runflat tyres, with which you can continue driving 150 miles at a maximum speed of 80 mph when the vehicle loaded, but the tire has lost air.

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Hamann introduced the Flash package for the BMW X5

Hamann introduced the Flash   package for the BMW X5

If you want to turn your BMW X5 in a vehicle that will attract all eyes, Hamann has a new kit for you. His name will not ever forget you, as it is written in big letters on the doors (something I would not put it politely ask). Anyway, that's not the most important thing because we see changes on the outside in front and rear extensions at the guards,a wing on the roof, new brakes and four tire designs accompanied by a suspension that lowers the 40 mm front of the vehicle. The full range of engines available in the BMW X5 is augmented its power, being the V8 4.8 liters which leads the statistics with 368 horses, although the 3.0 sd is not nothing wrong, since their 286 horses to pass 320, and torque rises to 659 Nm.

Inside, this SAV has black carpet, aluminum pedals and a lot of carbon fiber, but you can ask to add to that everything that can allow your pocket. Fortunately the word Flash is not embroidered seats in this or anywhere else.

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Pre-Geneva Motor Show: BMW reveals a hybrid concept based on the X5

Pre-Geneva Motor Show BMW reveals   a hybrid concept based on the X5

Ultima each manufacturer has chosen to present a concept of "green" and at the Geneva Motor Show we would not see the exception. At the booth of BMW, we can find the Vision EfficientDynamics Concept, a vehicle based on the BMW X5 SUV, equipped with a diesel biturbo 2.0 L four-cylinder and an electric motor. The diesel produces 204 hp and 400 Nm, but with the help of the unit electric power increases by another 20 hp and 208 Nm. A box of eight-speed ZF automatic is responsible for choosing the change must at all times, keeping in step emissions at bay and improving consumption. BMW said that this is in the range of 18.4 km / l (5.4 L/100km) with emissions of 172 grams of CO2 per kilometre.

Additionally, the German manufacturer gave the concept of solar panels mounted on the roof, 19-inch tires with better aerodynamics and regenerative brakes.

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Brazil: 2008 BMW X5

BMW will begin in the coming days in Brazil commercialization of the new BMW X5, a model which in its second generation grows in size, quality, equipment and improves the dynamic behavior.

In Brazil will be available only with the mechanics more powerful now, namely 4.8is V8 355 hp, capable of reaching the 240 km / h and accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.5 seconds. The average consumption is estimated at 12.5 l/100.

The equipment will be very full series, even more so considering that the price will be desorbitado, as often happens with models imported into this country. The firm has not yet published but it is estimated that around 400,000 real (146,636 € /

196,924 dollars).

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Minister of Macedonia offers to return to his BMW X5 stolen Beckham

Minister of Macedonia offers to   return to his BMW X5 stolen Beckham

Last year the "poor" David Beckham stole his BMW X5 EWN a shopping centre in Madrid. Despite the vehicle was the last thing on technology theft, the ACC used a PC for engaging the boot system and starting the vehicle. I recently managed to find the BMW X5, which is held by the interior minister of Macedonia, Ms Gordana Jankulovska.

According to the police in that country, the BMW X5 SUV changed hands 20 times while he was in Spain, and then was sent to Greece, to be subsequently led to Macedonia. Once there was confiscated in a raid and placed under government custody. As no one came to claim him, the BMW was handed over by the government to the Minister Jankulovska. The lady in question appears to be a fan of Beckham (like the 95% of women on the planet) and note that "If Beckham asks me the vehicle back, then presented him with the keys myself." Each voucher to get an autograph.

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Mexico: BMW X5 launches

Mexico BMW X5 launches

BMW launched the BMW X5 land Aztecs 2007. The second-generation SUV arrives in Mexico on whether their versions 3.0 and 4.8i, which uses a 3.0 liter engine of 272 hp and V8 of 4.8 litres of 355 hp respectively. The BMW X5 integrates a box ZF six marches and the drive system xDrive comprehensive. The alloy wheels fit 18-inch type runflat tyres.

The new configuration allows a third run passenger seat, which can be lower for greater cargo space. Also inside the vehicle is the iDrive, command system used to control navigation, climate control system and communication functions and entertainment. As an alternative, the BMW X5 can carry a camera located at the rear to help park, audio equipment 7.2, with DVD entertainment system for rear seats and Head-up display for projecting relevant information directly into the windshield opposite the driver .

Prices for Mexico are as follows:

BMW X5 3.0 if: 63,600 U.S. dollars
BMW X5 3.0 if 7 seats: 65,400 U.S. dollars
If BMW X5 3.0 Premium: 67,800 U.S. dollars
If BMW X5 3.0 Premium seats 7: 69.600 U.S. dollars

BMW X5 4.8i Premium: 81,300 U.S. dollars
BMW X5 4.8i Premium 7 seats: 82,600 U.S. dollars
BMW X5 4.8i Premium seats 7 Exclusive: 84,200 U.S. dollars

Spy photos: BMW X5

Spy photos BMW X5

The new BMW X5 has been photographed doing some tests again on the road, fortunately for us going pretty little camouflage. There is little to say seeing images; SUV Bavarian grow 16 cm long and 6 wide enough to accommodate a third row of seats. Virtually all the technical aspect has been reviewed, receiving new engines and an improved version of the system for x-drive traction, as well as the latest in safety, thanks to advances such as cruise control radar and night vision.

Hopefully, the BMW X5 arrives at dealers in October after passing through the Paris Motor Show.

Donates a BMW X5 to the Pope

Donates a BMW X5 to the Pope

In a final attempt to become Pope's official vehicle, (the famous Popemobile), BMW has added a BMW X5 generously to the fleet of Pope Benedict XVI. It seems that BMW is aimed at protecting the pope from afar, so the Vatican planned for the police in the city state. Despite many BMWs, Mercedes and Volkswagen donated to the Pope's fleet in recent years, only one may be the Popemobile. The armored Mercedes sedan in 2002 donated to Pope John Paul II continues to be used by Pope Benadicto.

Spain: prices of the BMW X5 II

Spain prices of the BMW X5 II

BMW has already made public the prices of new luxury SUV brand, BMW X5, a model that in its first generation revolutionized the market and it complicated things to their maximum rival, the Mercedes ML.

Now, everything in the new BMW X5 has been a step forward, with more creativity, improving what was previously criticized, but without forgetting the essence of his predecessor, maintaining an impressive appearance, poured quality and efficient engines.

The BMW SUV medium-and medium-say, because in a few months goes on sale-the BMW X6 will be available with three engines initially, a 3.0 with 272 hp If a 4.8i with 355 hp and a diesel, 3.0d with 235 CV.

All BMW X5 series lead in Spain elements such as alloy wheels, 18 inches, dual climate control-in option of four areas, electrical package, speed control, onboard computer, sound equipment or electrical and thermal mirrors. As you can choose options for everything you can imagine and more, since there is even a very special driving course, in two very different destinations, either in Arjeplog, Sweden or in Namibia is able to check everything that is capable of doing BMW X5.

And finally, prices, which remain fairly tight if we take into account improvements:

* BMW X5 3.0Si 272 hp € 55,100
* BMW X5 4.8i 355 hp € 72,700
* BMW X5 3.0d 235 hp € 56,600

Spy photos: BMW X5

The new "face" of the next BMW X5, known under the name of internal E70, it can be clearly seen in recent spy photos of WorldCarFans.

The characteristic double kidney grille BMW seems to have grown, as has the number of inlets, three in the bottom and another just under the bonnet. The headlights also have been redesigned to approach the new group optical BMW Series 3. WCF reported other changes, such as the BMW X5 will grow 16 centimeters horizontally and vertically 6, which would bring a third row of seats. This strip of land our theory that BMW could be preparing the presentation of a new larger SUV, which would compete with Mercedes-Benz GL. Among the electronic equipment will find a controlled cruise control radar (worth redundancy) and the new system of night vision BMW. A revised version of the xDrive system and four diesel engines and gasoline (two V6 and two V8) rounded one of the most important models of BMW.

It is expected that the new BMW X5 receives the mandatory version M somewhat after the presentation of the standard model, scheduled for October.

Manufactures the BMW X5 last

Manufactures the BMW X5 last

Of course, we are talking about the current model. The last of this generation BMW X5 left this Friday from assembly lines of BMW in Spartanburg, USA. The model, a blue 3.0is Toledo with truffle brown leather and wood finishes poplar dark, be kept in the factory to be shown in its Zentrum museum.

BMW was among the first European manufacturers in entering a segment popularized by U.S. companies, turning in 1999 with a car of a more sporting than normal so far, but retained its appearance of 4x4. Despite the initial cries and cries made by the purists of the mark, the BMW X5 has proved a hugely successful model, as well as to give rise to a little brother (the X3) and a new generation, which will manufacture at facilities that BMW has in South Carolina.

Chile: The BMW X5 makes his arrival

Chile The BMW X5 makes his   arrival

With their versions 4.8iy 3.0si comes to the Chilean market successful BMW X5, the vehicle that promises a larger, more technology, better fuel economy and a large interior space with luxury and comfort. Defined as a Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV), the BMW X5 uses a 4.8 liter V8 engine that expenditures 355 hp, or a V6 3.0-liter and 272 horsepower.

Regarding his version aterior, the vehicle grew 59 mm in height, 61 mm in width and 187 mm in its long, in addition to filing a wheelbase 113 mm with extras. On the outside are noted 18-inch tires with runflat tyres, the roof bars, pisaderas aluminum, robust bumpers and wheel arches wider. The interior allows accommodate seven passengers thanks to a third run for seats optional. Also included leather seats, panoramic sunroof, automatic air-conditioning four areas, sports multifunction steering wheel, and 4.8 Bluetooth adapter for the iPod.

Features include system Dynamic Stability Control, an improved version of the drive system xDrive, Dynamic Suspension Control and EDC pockets Xenon lights with adaptive among others. Optional for the BMW X5 are the Head up Display, the chamber retreat, an audio system with 16 speakers, rear spoiler, the entertainment system for the seats of the second row and the system Address Active and Adaptive Driving.

The prices at which market the BMW X5 in Chile are:

BMW X5 4.8i 86,000 U.S. dollars
BMW X5 3.0si 72,000 U.S. dollars

Photos and official data of the new BMW X5

Photos and official data of the   new BMW X5

After a long wait, BMW has released details of its next BMW X5. The new generation (according to the Bavarian house) inventor of Sport Activity Vehicle segment or SAV, is significantly larger than the model it replaces, with a length of 4,854 mm and a width of 1,933, dimensions that have enabled it to assemble BMW the expected third row of seats. The ITS ... erm, SAV is also the first vehicle segment in mounting number of tires "run flat" on four wheels.

The interior is the iDrive system (no surprises), a camera back of the parking assistance, a screen HUD (projected basic information automobile on the board for not having to lose sight), a stereo with speakers of 6 line input (for connecting an MP3 player externally, for example), and of course, greater extent, perceptible at first sight. The third row of seats, normally little careful in other cars, it seems fairly broad in the new BMW X5, and should be sufficiently comfortable for people over 1.70 in stature. Between the two rear seats is a double-holder and an outlet for air conditioning.

The cargo space is 620 litres in the release of five seats. The folded second row, the volume increases to 1,750 litres, a figure very respectable. The third row of seats remains a total of 200 litres.

The engines available in Europe will be three, two petrol and diesel: A 4.8 V8 (355 hp), 3.0 (272 hp) and finally 3.0d (231 hp). Improvements in power ranging from 18 percent of the 3.0 petrol, to 6 percent of the 3.0 diesel. Other benefits are also significantly higher, and people were valuing done with the new X5 will smile with a new consumption figures. With these three engines coupled with the latest version of the drive system xDrive total, the BMW X5 should be capable of much more than bring the children to school or go home to the office, becoming a machine perfectly suited to perform some escape sharp through the countryside (although we will not see many of the forest tracks, we fear).

Lots of photos below, together with details of the most important official large ITS ... SAV BMW.

BMW X5 08.08.2006: Vehicle SAV even more dynamic, more power and efficiency: V8 gasoline engine, six-cylinder engine petrol, diesel engine aluminum six-cylinder, the only vehicle segment with active steering, AdaptiveDrive, Head-screen virtual Up Display and standard runflat tyres type of series: new automatic transmission with six gears electronic selector; Improved: traction BMW xDrive permanent total, Body weight optimized and extremely resistant to twisting, more spacious passenger compartment , With up to seven seats; iDrive control system with eight programmable keys; large carrier exclusivity, with innovative optional equipment.

BMW X5 Second edition of successful X5, founder of the segment of Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV), which were sold approximately 580,000 units. Completely new vehicle development, while maintaining the concept of the body and all propellant, but accentuating the typical qualities of the vehicle, namely its dynamism, functionality and exclusivity.

BMW X5 Substantial increase in the dynamism and agility: more powerful and efficient engines, body more resistant to twisting, optimized aerodynamics, dual front axle lower arm, unique in its configuration, rear axle Integral-IV, low center of gravity, improved system traction total BMW xDrive.

BMW X5 Prime vehicle segment with active steering, for greater flexibility and enjoy more than driving. Behavior sports thanks to AdaptiveDrive with stabilizing the lateral tilt and automatic adjustment springs. The only vehicle segment with runflat tyres type of series.

BMW X5 Gearbox automatic six marches, with faster change, greater comfort and lower consumption. Electronic gear selector.

BMW X5 Carrier more functional, more spacious for the benefit of all occupants, with an optional third row of seats, luggage compartment large capacity (peak 620-1.750 liters).

BMW X5 iDrive control system improved, with eight programmable buttons for direct access to destinations navigation, phone numbers, audio systems. The only vehicle segment SAV-screen virtual Head-Up Display optional.

BMW X5 Design foreign harmonious proportions, slender and elegant lines, sporting image and powerful.

BMW X5 Carrier of exclusive atmosphere, with quality materials, excellent finishing and innovative optional

equipment (BMW Online, multichannel audio system, DVD video system, reversing camera to drive).

BMW X5 engine variants:

BMW X5 4.8i: V8 gasoline engine: 4 799 cc, power: 261 kW/355 hp (+ 11 percent), maximum torque: 475 Nm (+ 8 percent), acceleration (0-100 kph) : 6.5 seconds (- 7 percent), maximum speed: 240 kph, according to EU average consumption (preliminary value): 12.5 litres per 100 kilometres (- 5 percent).

BMW X5 3.0si: Motor gasoline 6-cylinder, a cylinder capacity: 2,996 cc, power output 200 kW/272 hp (+ 18 percent), maximum torque: 315 Nm (+ 5 percent), acceleration (0-100 km / h): 8.1 seconds (- 8 percent), maximum speed: 225 mph (210 kph with tyres H), according to EU average consumption (preliminary value): 10.9 litres per 100 kilometres (-- 14 per cent).

BMW X5 3.0d: 6-cylinder diesel engine, engine capacity: 2,993 cc, power: 170 kW/231 hp (+ 6 percent), maximum torque: 520 Nm (+ 4 percent), acceleration (0-100 kph h): 8.3 seconds (- 3 percent), maximum speed: 216 mph (210 kph with tyres H), according to EU average consumption: 8.7 litres per 100 kilometres (- 7 percent).

Geneva Motor Show: BMW X5 Efficient Dynamics Vision

Geneva Motor Show BMW X5 Efficient   Dynamics Vision

When BMW announced the arrival of the concept BMW X5 Vision EfficientDynamics only gave us three images, but now you can quench your thirst hybrid with 25 pictures of this model based on the BMW X5 SUV.

Under the bonnet, this concept carries a four-cylinder biturbo diesel, which works in conjunction with a package of lithium ion batteries which need not be charged until after the apocalypse, at which time anyway the subject of little you will import fuel . Tire aerodynamic design seeking lessen resistance and increase efficiency, panels solaresque heat engine fluids before you turn the vehicle, an eight-speed transmission and all the equipment of BMW X5 complete the tempting offer that at the moment is only conceptual.

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