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The BMW X6 arrive in Mexico next June

The BMW X6 arrive in Mexico next June

Revealed officially in the Hall of Detroit a few months ago, the
BMW X6 has already been introduced in Mexico in the context of the XXII International Contest Grand Elegance held in Huixquilucan. As announced, the Sports Activity Coupe begin to be marketed in that country from next June in two versions: BMW X6 xDrive50i and BMW X6 xDrive35i. The first one has a V8 engine with Twin Turbo 407 hp, while the second mounted a six-cylinder in line with Twin Turbo 306 horses. Both units are controlled by a six-speed automatic gearbox. So the standard BMW X6 incorporates the drive system xDrive permanent and comprehensive system Dynamic Performance Control, which distributes so variable force between the rear wheels.

With regard to price, the
BMW X6 xDrive50i (V8) will be priced at 88,500 dollars, while the BMW X6 xDrive35i (six cylinder) will cost 72,500 dollars.

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Spy photos: BMW X6

Spy photos BMW X6

Nothing chops strangers or suspicious sketches, images that gives us today are of Autoexpress genuine
BMW X6 slightly camouflaged. And for the first time, there are also several photos of the interior, clearly showing a roof with a steep decline in the rear. It is expected that the BMW X6 has a range of engines similar to the BMW X5, with blocks of six eight-cylinder gasoline along with diesel thrusters bound for European markets, essential in any crossover that is held (well, at this stage really anything with wheels).

If there are no surprises, the bet BMW in the segment of "people carriers 4x4" should be enshrined into the Hall of Frankfurt.

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Pre-Hall Frankfurt: BMW X6 spied before its official debut

Pre Hall Frankfurt BMW X6 spied before its official debut

Now that it has been confirmed that the
BMW X6 will make its debut next week in the Hall of Frankfurt, who were in charge of maintaining the prototypes under the greatest secrecy possible, have been allowed to show a little more skin ... or metal. These new photos show a lot from all corners of SAV BMW and leave little to the imagination.

The front is more sporting than that of his brother, the BMW X5, with inlets, kidneys and fog pockets larger, while the collapse of the roof line is so radical as expected, and the small spoiler is integrated smoothly with the rear.

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UK: Prices of the new BMW X6

UK Prices of the new BMW X6

BMW has already announced that prices will be the new
BMW X6 when released onto the market in the UK. With four mechanics and a very particular aesthetic, with mixed todocamino coupe and, surely will be a new success for the Bavarian firm.

The initial range of
BMW X6 for the British market will be as follows:

BMW X6 3.5i 306 hp 42,625 pounds (59,666 €)
BMW X6 5.0i 408 hp Price unconfirmed
BMW X6 3.0d 235 hp 41,995 pounds (58,777 €)
BMW X6 3.5d 286 hp 44,135 pounds (61,772 €)

The diesel engines have a block of 3 liters although the most powerful incorporates two peat instead of one. The benefits in all cases are excellent and already the cheapest model (3.0d) is capable of reaching the 220 km / h and accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 8.0 seconds. The model most prestacional (5.0i) has limited the maximum speed 250 km / h and its acceleration of 0 to 100 mph is 5.4 seconds.

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Spy photos: BMW X6

Spy photos BMW X6

One of the features of Death Valley in California, is making a heat of the ditto. This makes the site one of the most favorite sites for car manufacturers to test their vehicles pre-production, as some
BMW X6 who have hunted for Jalopnik photographers KPG. The crossover BMW X6 stopped being a stranger in our site makes a lot, but today's pictures are special, because it appears to avoid embarrassment, drivers of the unit surprised left open the doors of the prototype, and we can get by the first time a look inside the model.

The images reveal that the outer camouflage does not conform to the actual lines of the bodywork, and most importantly (and worrying), there is hardly any vertical space in the passenger compartment from pillar B. In fact, it seems that the rear seats will be incomodísimas for anyone higher than a child of 14 years. Let us hope that the prospect is deceiving us, because BMW could play a lot with a design as risky.

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Spy photos: BMW X6 (with the open rear)

Spy photos BMW X6 with the open rear

Sure, fixed, someone said that the
BMW X6 is the SsangYong Actyon Germany, and the truth is that although both models are quite separate in the price ladder, a profile shared equally polarizing. There will be people who will take their hands to the head when it sees one and also to defend it tooth and sword. Because without doubt, the BMW X6 will raise passions like few others.

The most radical model
BMW X6 in a long time (at least in aesthetics) looks back without his usual camouflage design quite uncomfortable for the occupants of the rear seats, but it gives you that touch of dynamism so interesting. As a result of the peculiar form of its roof, BMW X6 only provide space for two people after the driver and companion, and this is even longer than the BMW X5. Impressive. After images of Winding Road (click on the cut to access them) are really impatient to see the first official photos of the model. What is going to mount.

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Officially official: BMW X6

Officially official BMW X6

The bombing BMW for the Hall of Detroit will be the final version of its "Sports Activity Coupe" (ie, crossover) X6, advanced in Frankfurt under the name Concept

So far the only press release that we have at hand is the U.S. that its arrival site to dealers Americans during the second quarter of 2008. The engines will be supplied to the market two:
BMW X6 xDrive50i, armed with a 4.4 V8 biturbo of 400 hp and 609 Nm, and BMW X6 xDrive35i, with 300 hp and 406 Nm emerging from its award-winning on-line six-cylinder engine (SAE figures in both cases). In Europe, BMW X6 xDrive35d can be assured. When it comes to technology, it seems that the Dynamic Performance Control system will be standard on the range to improve adherence in all firm may send more power to either the rear wheels if they are detected loss of traction. The tires are standard 19-inch, and eye, because it has little slow, with a 0 to 100 in 5.3 seconds in the V8 version (approximately).

By design,
BMW X6 production is almost a carbon copy of the prototype hybrid shown in September. Basically this is an X, but more bajito and with a roof downward, wanting to emphasize sportsmanship model. It is not as awful as one might think, although the sacrifice in terms of space seems obvious to observe the rear seats. In any case, we are confident that this will be one of the models most polarizing in recent years: the same people who will melt it, others will do so trizas in any conversation in which it appears. It seems that BMW did not want to leave anyone indifferent.

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Spain: Prices of BMW X6

Spain Prices of BMW X6

Although the arrival of new BMW SUV coupe, the
BMW X6 will not be until next month of May, the Bavarian firm has already known the fares which will be available. Although in principle are final, there could be some changes until the start of deliveries.

The range is composed of:

BMW X6 XDrive 35i 306 hp € 63,600
BMW X6 XDrive 50i 407 hp € 83,300
BMW X6 XDrive 30d 235 hp € 63,400
BMW X6 XDrive 35d 286 hp € 66,400

With an additional cost of around 5,000 € regarding the equivalent BMW X5,
BMW X6 boasts a more dynamic and unique-the Actyon of SsangYong is in another segment. Faced with the BMW X5 loses a seat, counting only four seats, although that itself independent. The equipment and finishes are at very high altitudes and as is standard in the house, can be improved with many options.

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Speculation graphic: BMW X6

Speculation graphic BMW X6

Not content with the BMW X3 and BMW X5 SUVs, BMW continues to work on the
BMW X6, a coupe-crossover that will share the mechanics of the BMW X5, but will look very different, with a profile more oblate and a lower suspension.

While many photographers have already faced the
BMW X6, CAR Online published a pair of images made by a graphic designer, could be seen as showing that this model will not be an SUV, or SAV, but a SAC or Sports Activity Coupe . The images show a much more robust version of the BMW X5, with a line of stylish coupe roof, a front bumper inspired by the CS Concept of the mark and a queue more square.

The lowest profile would leave out the possibility of a third run for seats and according to CAR, the model will have four seats with the possibility of an optional central seat in the second row. From what we are certain it is that the
BMW X6 will come equipped with all possible accessories, including the last iDrive, the technology of fuel economy Efficient Dynamics and adaptive suspension among other things.

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More details on the BMW X6

More details on the BMW X6

Already we see a heavily camouflaged
BMW X6 thing a month ago, but now the German magazine Auto Zeitung gives us more information on this still mysterious BMW. The BMW X6 Coupe is expected to be a version of which airs over the BMW X5 sport, something like a Mercedes-Benz CLS with four-wheel-drive and a higher driving position thanks to the platform of great BMW SUV.

Saving the obvious distances, the relationship between the BMW X5 and
BMW X6 will be similar to that between the BMW Series 5 and BMW Series 6. The second is located within the range of the company as a different model, more sporty and exclusive. Auto Zeitung anticipated that the BMW X6 will use the best engines of the house, including the 3.0 diesel of 286 horses, the same biturbo engine with 300 horses that assembles the 335i and a 4.8 liter V8 turbo of 420 hp. With the latter, the BMW X6 should accelerate from 0 to 100 mph in less than 6 seconds. As with the BMW X5, BMW avoid stampede the letter M to the new todocamino. In terms of transmission, it appears that will change with the same automatic six marches that we can find the BMW X5 in 2007 and also reach the Series 5.

The BMW X6 could be manufactured in the U.S.

The BMW X6 could be manufactured in the US

Given that BMW has not even submitted a conceptual model of its crossover course, may seem strange that already has almost decided where it will be produced, but it is. According to a press release Automotive News, the German manufacturer could instruct its plant in Spartanburg manufacture 40,000 units of this new model we already have some details.

The facilities in South Carolina and produce the BMW Z4 and BMW X5, BMW and consolidated both lines when he did thinking of joining another car. Since the factory is operating below its current capacity, is logical that Spartanburg is the venue chosen to mount the
BMW X6, especially considering that the U.S. probably will be the main market of the new model.

BMW sells entire annual production of the X6 for USA

BMW sells entire annual production of the X6 for USA

Despite the difficult economic situation we are experiencing globally, although some products are luxury watch and even lower demand, are waiting lists. This is true of the new
BMW X6, which has sold the entire production destined for the United States in 2008.

Of the 40,000 units planned to be constructed each year, the German company planned to sell half exclusively for the United States and the other 20,000 to distribute among the rest of the market. Well, just weeks after the start of the sale no units available.

BMW X6 is the "Sports brother" of the BMW X5, and although they share quite a few elements, are very different and aesthetically within the passenger compartment of the "coup" is only for four passengers in the five or seven that could go in the conventional model.

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Spy photos: BMW X6

Spy photos BMW X6

Has long been talking about a pseudo-crossover BMW that rest on the platform of the BMW X5, but so far these reports were only rumors and speculation. KGP Photography, however, maintains that the mule evidence linked to the right is that car, based on the shape of its windshield, its high waist and forms that are camouflaged intuyen after his rear.

The configuration of Liftback BMW X5 design changes in the
BMW X6, ending in a rear end reminiscent of the Z4 Coupe. The camouflage suggests a few steps from ensanchados wheel, with one aspect of the sport shown by the BMW X5. According to KGP, the photos do not belong to V5, the rival of Mercedes R-Class, since the height and body style are not on the same line.

Detroit 2008: BMW introduced X6 production

Detroit 2008 BMW introduced X6 production

Already without the designation of "concept" which was described in the Hall of Frankfurt,
BMW X6 2009 has been introduced in Detroit in its production version. The vehicle is almost identical to that seen in Frankfurt, with lines connecting the roof gently with the back, well away from the square and less rear of the BMW X5 sport.

In the interior of this coupe-crossover we find huge amounts of leather, wood and metallic finishes. The space provided for rear seats could be described as "intimate", although it does not seem uncomfortable, and although access to that part of the carrier is good, the output may be difficult for some people.

Under the bonnet is a unit of V8 biturbo with 4.4 liter direct injection, which erogaciones 408 hp and 600 Nm of torque, available between 1,750 and 4,500 RPM. The fuel consumption is advertised by BMW as "the best of its class" (Do V8 SUVs?).

BMW X6 exhibits a holographic in New York

BMW X6 exhibits a holographic in New York

BMW wants to publicize the
BMW X6 as a completely new type of vehicle, and for that we're using all the tools at his disposal. Perhaps the most prominent is the trick that allows you to display an image of the so-called three-dimensional interactive Sports Activity Coupe, manipulated in real time by the public with the help of a touch screen. This holographic technology was developed by the Dutch company viZoo advertising and allows potential customers to examine the vehicle from all angles, look inside, and meet their specifications.

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Hall Frankfurt 2007: BMW Concept X6

Hall Frankfurt 2007 BMW Concept X6

BMW introduced as one of the great innovations of the Chamber of Automotive Frankfurt a prototype that early what will be the third member of the family X. The name at the moment is
Concept BMW X6 although the production model will stay in Concept BMW X6 "dry".

Basically what we define as four-door coupe version of the X5 renewed appeared in major European markets a few months ago. Despite not being a final model, the
Concept BMW X6 is approaching and much of the production, which only need to refine certain elements. Possibly to be presented at the Salon de l'Automobile in Detroit.

That an SUV coupe body no longer has surprised us, taking in the market models such as SsangYong Actyon, a pioneer in the segment. Therefore we can confirm that over a possibly BMW X5 aesthetics win in sporty appearance, but inside it loses both habitable and in subsequent ability to boot.

The drive system of this concept is similar to that used in the BMW X3 and BMW X5. As a novelty releases a device called Dynamic Performance Control, which allows vary the force that makes the rear wheels, both in acceleration and in braking.

Based on the
Concept BMW X6, the German company also showed a hybrid version "ActiveHybrid." You can run either on the electric motor, as with the combustion or with both at once. Through the use of two electric motors and traditional engine gets lower consumption by 20% compared to a similar vehicle with conventional engine.

Incidentally, I have not talked about the proportions of this peculiar SUV Coupe. With a length of 4.87 meters and a width of 1.98, also has the considerable height of no less than 1.69 metres. Shares battle with the BMW X5, slightly smaller and slightly higher than the
Concept BMW X6.

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