Monday, December 22, 2008

BMW Z4 Caught With Little Camouflage

BMW Z4New spy shots of the BMW Z4 were released showing the new hardtop convertible out and about and with very little camouflage. It was sporting a very unusual covering that wasn't able to hide the final shape of the car.

It is obvious that they have taken a different design strategy for the Z4 and we are loving it so far. It is a bit of an evolutionary process that we have not seen BMW take in a long time. They have cleaned up the design and made it similar to the 3-series with a larger twin kidney grille.

The proportions are also much more balanced and reasonably sized in the front end with a tapered rear. BMW has decided to put aside the soft top and replace it with a retractable hard top - which we prefer. It is a very good necessity to have.



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