Monday, December 22, 2008

Brabham Racing Customizes BMW Models

Brabham Racing BMWBrabgam Racing is taking on the challenge of making the BMW M3 into something bigger and badder. Those who are familiar with racing will recognize this name and know that Brabgam was one of the biggest names in the racing world.

The company was founded by Australian F1 driver Jack Brabham in 1960. The company was strong and successful until 1992 when it went bust from financial liabilities. But before that happened they managed to win the F1 drivers' title four different times and also the constructor's crown twice. Brabham's 1966 title is the only championship that was won by a car using its driver's name.

After almost 16 years of quiet Brabham has returned and is beginning again by working on BMW models. The company will be offering the spruced up cars during the Essen Motor Show in Germany. This line-up will include the BT 60 based on the M5, BT 70 based on the X6, and the BT 92 based on the M3.



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