Tuesday, December 30, 2008

DStyle pimps out the previous generation BMW Z4


The german tuner DStyle wants to still keep the E85 BMW Z4 in our minds by coming out with one of the most aggressive aerokits I have seen to date. The kit is available for both the Coupe and Roadster versions and it contains an extensive package of upgrades.

Obviously the changes are pure cosmetic and every important body part has been replaced with the DStyle upgrades, starting with a new hood, modified doors, custom side mirrors and tailgate, bulked up fenders -50mm extra girts up front and 70mm at the rear. A beautiful set of 19 inch wheels were added to the Z4 as well along with a set of BMW Performance Breaks.

Overall, an impressive upgrade of the Z4 production model, but to me it screams more of a Batmobile. 

Pricing: not on the cheap side of course, around $12,500. Is it worth the upgrade? 

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