Saturday, May 9, 2009

BMW 1 Series Hatchback - “tii” Style

There are no doubts anymore that BMW is preparing a real “tii” model based on the 1 Series. Named Supersports, the M1-like car is set to launch in 2011 and its performance will be the result of using lightweight materials, such as a Carbon Fiber Roof and bootlid , loss of certain cabin comforts , upgraded suspension and brakes , lightweight glass , all the creative and performance comforts created for the M variant, but not under full MotorSport badging.


Since the official launch in 2007, the BMW 1 Series tii has been in the center of many rumors and speculations. For a while, BMW had us believe that a tii named model will actually be built, then months later, a BMW Performance Parts catalog was released, which included many of the design elements found on the 1 Series tii concept.

Some BMW dealerships, such as Classic BMW,  went even further and modded their own tii version on a BMW 135i Coupe body style. But in the end, no official tii branding has even been placed on this cars.

So I got caught off guard when Carmagazine UK posted some photos of a BMW 1 Series Hatchback version this time spotted near a BMW office in Munich and….sporting some of the tii or Performance Parts.

The photographer, Rainer Wargitsch noticed 1er Hatch having a Carbon Fiber roof and judging from the photos, a more sportier front-bumper. This is the part where the usual speculations come in place: are we looking at a test car loaded with lightweight materials or it’s just another BMW fan “pimping their ride” ?


In my opinion, we’re just looking at a BMW 1 Series Hatchback with some Carbon Fiber body parts, most likely an individual work done by the owner.

It also reminds me of the E92 BMW M3 CSL, a model that never made it.

Sorry to dissapoint you guys, but we’ll just have to wait a bit longer for the “real tii/Supersports” to show up.


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